Gajendra moksha – the liberation of Gajendra Gajendra’s prayers of surrender to Lord Vishnu. The prayer made by Gajendra on this occasion became a famous. The Gajendra Moksha Mantra grants the power to face difficulties and escape from them. Gajendra Moksha” a prayer, addressed to Lord Vishnu by Gajendra, the King Elephant, is one of the most magnificent hymns of bhakti from the.

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Indradyumna could attain Moksha finally when he as Gajendra left all his pride and doubt and totally surrendered himself to Vishnu. I think this place is in Nepal, near Chitwan National Park in a village called Triveni wher 3 rivers meet. In this episode, Vishnu came down to earth to protect Gajendra, the elephant, from the clutches of Makara, the Crocodile, and with Vishnu’s help, Gajendra achieved mokshaor salvation.

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Vishnu informed Gajendra that he, in one of his previous births, had been the celebrated King Indradyumnaa devotee of Vishnu, but due to his disrespect to the great Sage Agastyahe had been cursed to be reborn as an elephant. Retrieved 30 July As Gajendra sighted the god coming, he lifted a lotus with his trunk.

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Pseudo Secularism hurting India!! The crocodile in its previous birth had been a Gandharva king called Huhu. Articles containing Sanskrit-language text Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references. Ik Onkar Satnam Lyrics and Audio. I bow down to that Lord of Yoga, who is seen in the core of the tsuti by the yogis who have purified stutl freed themselves from the agitations of past karma by practicing bhakti.


Srimad Bhagavatam — Swamy Srikrishna Das. February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Gajendra Moksha

Gajendra prostrated himself before the god. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The ultimate prayer to express ones surrender to God Almighty. There gajendrx once an elephant named Gajendra who lived in a garden called Rtumat which was created by Varuna. Some words in Sanskrit do not match exact English words.

Gajendra then attained a form like that of the god Sarupya Mukti and went to Vaikuntha with Vishnu.

Part of a series on. This app contain good quality Gajendra moksha audio and Gajendra moksha in Hindi and English are free ones you download this app you don’t need internet connection. I can only be saved by Your Grace!

Hearing his devotee’s call and prayer Lord Vishnu came down to earth to protect Gajendra, the elephant, from the clutches of Makara, the Crocodile, and with Vishnu’s help, Gajendra achieved moksha, or salvation. Cambodia — The Lost Hindu Empire.

Enter your email address: It is one of the famous exploits of the god Vishnu. The last 4 stanzas are missing or its deliberately left with conclusion? The foot marks of Gaj can be seen engraved on the stones where it is said the incident took place and its on the banks of the river.

Until one day when they can look beyond everything in this creation due to some extreme experience like Gajendra when he recalls Gyana Eternal Knowledge from his previous births and an extreme experience to ultimately give up himself to the supreme being Vishnu.

This is a sin. Hearing his devotee’s call and prayer, Vishnu rushed to the scene. Laxmi aarti with lyrics in sync with audio, beautiful images. I bow down to you. Ganpati Stotra audio and lyric.


Gajendra Moksha Stotra

When he had spent his last drop of energy, Gajendra called to the god Vishnu to save him, holding a lotus up in the air as an offering. He trumpeted in pain and helplessness until he was hoarse. Translation from Sanskrit is difficult. Saraswati Stotram -Chant and Learn gajendrx Lyrics. He recalled that hymn now with great feeling, praising the Lord for his many mercies and ended with a prayer to Him to listen to his cry of distress and save him.

Gajendra Moksha Stotra: The Prayer for Protection and Salvation

The sage Devala came to visit the king, and when the two of them were bathing and Devala was offering prayers to Surya the Sun godthe king pulled the sage’s leg for fun. The crocodile simply would not let go. All his family members, relatives and friends gathered around to help him, but in vain. It is believed that this incident has happened in Kabisthalamwhere there is a Gajendra Varadha Temple.

Gajendra Moksha – Wikipedia

This relates to the concept which says without attaining real Knowledge it is impossible to get salvation but without completely offering ourselves to the supreme God it is impossible to get that Eternal Knowledge that ultimately leads to salvation and Nirvana. Suddenly, a stuuti living in the lake attacked Gajendra and caught him by the leg. Sanskrit Mantras- How it works?