Classificação das formas de vida segundo Raunkiaer, adaptadas às .. co, relação planta-solo, planta indicadora e gradiente de vegetação (DU RIETZ, ;. Dentre outros sistemas definidos na época, o de Raunkiaer () foi o mais facilmente reconhecida e as formas de vida deveriam ser de natureza funcionais das espécies de florestas tropicais: altura máxima da planta, densidade. Los resultados documentan la diversidad de plantas vasculares que se desarrollan en Nosotros analizamos la composición taxonómica, la forma de vida y el origen . taxonomic composition, Raunkiaer’s life-form, and the.

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Penumbral rock communities in campo rupestre sites in Brazil. Nevertheless, the life-form spectra of the cerrado vegetation so far constructed seem to be quite consistent, with phanerophytes and hemicryptophytes always being the most represented classes. The final dataset included records from plots.

formas de vida de las plantas raunkiaer pdf merge – PDF Files

The frequency spectrum is not recommended at all. Many floras give life forms as standard information on plant species. When working with a species list, every species has the same weight rraunkiaer the rainkiaer spectrum. Biologia Bratislava 55 1: Journal of Ecology 7: The frequency and vegetation spectra were significantly different. Ecological groups, phytosociology, syntaxonomic classification, vernal pools, vegetation database.


All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Groups defined a priori according to Deil et al.

American Society of Plant Taxonomists, Michigan. Campinas, Universidade Estadual de Campinas. These sets were compared with diagnostic groups defined a priorilife forms and raunkiafr status in South America introduced vs native species.

Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Since the importance of trees and shrubs increases from open to closed physiognomies Coutinho,the proportion of phanerophytes is also expected to increase in this direction.

The annual life form is over represented in most of the co- occurrence groups. In a global revision, Deil classified these habitats in three main types: The proportion of phanerophytes was, however, higher in Itirapina than in the other sites, gida the hemicryptophytes proportion was lower.

On the other hand, Chilean vernal pools often occur in man-made pastures and in other disturbed areas such as trampling paths Deil et al.

The subset used for this work is restricted to vascular plants taxa in lad mosses, lichens and algae are excluded. Most of the dwarf wetland annuals were clustered in assemblage 1, while assemblage 6 is dominated by Nanojuncetea australis and assemblage 7 by Littorelletea australis species.

In the Brazilian cerrado, some studies have used Raunkiaer’s system to classify the sampled species in life-forms.


International Journal of Climatology In his classification there are five major classes, arranged according to increased plantxs of the renewing buds: Since there were more individuals of few species in the hemicryptophyte class, its relative importance increased towards the vegetation spectrum. These species occur with preference in the bottom of seasonal pools Bliss et al.

formas de vida de las plantas raunkiaer pdf merge

Journal of Classification The vegetation spectrum does not consider the species at all, but only the individuals in each life-form class. Plant names in vegetation databases – a neglected source of bias.

Bulb, corm and tuber-bearing plants, and those that perennate via subsurface rhizomes, are geophytes. Diagnostic species for the classes Nanojuncetea australis, Limoselletea australis and Littorelletea australis. Journal of Vegetation Science 4: Species composition and species-area relationships in vegetation isolates on summit of a sandstone mountain in southern Venezuela.

Dissertation, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brasil, p.