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The possibiity of severe congenita feta maformation shoud be considered when severe oigohydramnios is found in the initia evauation of IUGR.


Management of diabetes meitus in pregnancy. Are detection and treatment of thyroid insuficiency in pregnancy feasibe?

This is one pace where the Western suburbs of North Mumbai score. Detaied discussion on the fear of hypogycemia and Proactive Feeding can be found in Breastfeeding: At this stage assisted ventiation fogzi necessary.

The feta ungs show breathing movements as eary as 20 weeks, but are uid ied and do not serve as a source for oxygen. There are no gocus on this issue.

Infants of diabetic mothers are prone fous respiratory distress syndrome, hypogycemia, cardiomyopathy, neonata jaundice, impaired cacium and magnesium homeostasis and sudden intrauterine death. Resuts shoud be expained and information must be provided through non-directive counseing. Indian J Med Res. Even when venous Dopper is norma, deivery is recommended fogi 32 weeks of gestation and shoud be considered between weeks of gestation.

This has been vaidated in many studies and endorsed by WHO for focud poor settings. Kindy consut the doctor or our Mother Support Counseor even after discharge. As a consequence, oxygen suppy to the tissues and organs of the body is compromised. Biochemica testing and USG hep us to narrow and shrink the number of women who wi require tissue samping.

As the conventiona thyroid tests may be miseading when patients are taking steroida contraceptives, the free thyroxine eve shoud be measured in women with thyroid dysfunction and desirous of using ora contraceptives. Infancy anemia due to decreased iron stores in the neonate.


So, in this exampe, there were pregnancies actuay carrying a chid with Down syndrome. Reena Wani As Chairperson Perinatoogy Committee, there has been much feedback from neonatoogists that obstetric practices need to be optimized for better outcomes and decreasing probems of prematurity once preterm birth is imminent and unavoidabe.

However, resuts have been argey inconcusive 40 Prediction and prevention of preterm birth Reative risk of premature deivery The goa of screening is the eary identiication of pregnant women at an eevated risk foogsi going into abor prematurey, so that these women can be heped to carry their pregnancies to term 1. It corresponds to an Apgar score of 3 or ess.

Note as we that 2 wi receive a negative NIPS report a fase negative, since they are carrying a chid with Down syndrome.

Physioogy and tests of thyroid function. If MNT fais to achieve contro i. There is an initia period of rapid and abored breathing foowed by gasping and primary apnea. First trimester utrasound for dating and nucha transucency. A Downs baby can be socia and inancia burden. Pregnancy outcome for both mother and baby is not significantly different between HIV focud and matched HIV negative women [ 5 ].

Whether these women will benefit from antiretroviral therapy is controversial but foetal malformation, excess prematurity or foetal toxicity have not yet been attributed to the use of this drug [ 7 ]. One can aways then wait for her to deiver and test the fosi. Continuing this drug after conception is sti a controversy, but there are a few studies favoring continuation of metformin throughout pregnancy in these women. Research has focused on combined risk scoring systems that use mutipe serum markers, utrasound, and materna demographic factors, but these have not been fuy vaidated in arge scae studies4.

Ventiation is provided by bag and mask. Prior preterm birth, cervica injury or anomay, uterine anomay, ow prepregnancy weight and absent prenata care are some of the important nonmodiiabe risk factors. Both overt and subcinica hypothyroidism were associated with increased risk of ecampsia, pre-ecampsia, and pregnancy induced hypertension.


J of Bone and minera research ; The baby shoud be fed at east times in 24 hours for the irst coupe of days ti actation is estabished. For measuring cervica ength, a faint ine of echo density between interna and externa os needs to be identiied after pacing transvagina probe in rocus anterior Fig 2 N Eng J Med ; Sources of vitamin D Fish ois, fatty ish, oysters, butter, mushrooms, beef, iver, cheese and egg yoks minutes sunshine, 3 times a week is enough to produce the body s requirement of vitamin D.

If sef-monitoring is not possibe, aboratory venous pasma gucose has to be estimated for adjusting the dose of insuin.

List of FOGSI Focus

This is important because the spectrum of thyroid deiciency begins with subcinica hypothyroidism characterized by an eevated serum thyrotropin TSH concentration but a norma serum free thyroxine eve ti overt hypothyroidism. Support Center Support Center. It is best to initiate the discussion on breastfeeding with the mother-to-be at the eariest opportunity. Apha methydopa is the most commony used drug, but Labetao is being used more often now. More research is needed on the potentia association between materna vitamin D in feta ung deveopment and chidhood aergy; there are ongoing studies investigating ong-term neonata putative foocus of adequate materna vitamin D.

FOGSI FOCUS The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India

We look forward to seeing you in Hyderabad! Pregnancy and diabetes meitus. It shoud aso be acceptabe to the popuation with we deined cut off eves. Labored breathing or persistent cyanosis? Diabetes Care Juy; 30 2: Utrasound monitoring is recommended in each trimester. Pregnancy does not affect the course of HIV infection in the asymptomatic individual but women with AIDS are at risk of severe opportunistic infection whilst pregnant [ 6 ]. The baby is eft at the mercy of the Staff Nurse. Iodine therapy is contraindicated in pregnancy.