49CFR FMVSS Bus emergency exits and window retention and release. S1 Scope. This standard establishes requirements for the retention of windows. This responds to your letter asking about the applicability of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. , Bus Emergency Exits and Window. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. , “Bus emergency exits and window retention and release,” applies to buses, including.

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ADS testing and development are already underway in several areas of the United States.

FMVSS & FMVSS – Reflective Solutions

After consideration of the petitions and all supporting information, NHTSA has decided to grant the petitions for four of the discrete changes, deny one, and request comment in a separate document for the sixth proposed change.

Third, the Agency seeks comment on any additional elements of regulatory relief e. Summary This document denies a petition for rulemaking submitted by Mr. The rear exit shall meet the requirements of S5. Daylight opening means the maximum unobstructed opening of an emergency exit when viewed from a direction perpendicular to the plane of the opening.


Today’s proposal would facilitate the introduction of new technologies including hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and 48 volt mild hybrid technologies, and responds not only to GTR No. Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

Additionally, this final rule increases a manufacturer’s design flexibility while providing opportunity to decrease cost without compromising safety. Wheelchair securement anchorage means the provision for transferring wheelchair securement device loads to the 2117 structure. The force fmvss for the mechanism s must conform to either S5.

The agency requests comments on this alternative strategy fvmss other potential enhancements to the current body block test procedure. However, in determining the total unobstructed openings provided by a busno emergency exit, regardless of its area, shall be credited with more than 3, square centimeters of the total area requirement.


Push-out window means a vehicle window designed to open outward to provide for emergency egress.

Implementation of the new standard will enable vehicle manufacturers to develop safety applications that employ V2V communications as an input, two of which are estimated to prevent hundreds of thousands of crashes and prevent over one thousand fatalities annually. The report also explores technical, legal, security, and privacy issues related to the implementation of V2V. Upward from inside the bus and, at the discretion of the manufacturer, from outside the bus.

In the case of windows with one release mechanism, the mechanism shall require two force applications to release the exit. Summary To reduce the risk of pedestrian crashes, especially for the blind and visually-impaired, and to satisfy the mandate in the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act PSEA of this final rule establishes a new Federal motor vehicle safety standard FMVSS setting minimum sound requirements for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Effective June 14,with optional early compliance as discussed below. Summary This document denies a petition for rulemaking, submitted by Ms. This final rule applies to electric vehicles EVs and to those hybrid vehicles HVs that are capable of propulsion in any forward or reverse gear without the vehicle’s internal combustion engine ICE operating.

Petitions for reconsideration of this final rule must be received not later than February 1, This new standard requires hybrid and electric passenger cars, light trucks and vans LTVsand low speed vehicles LSVs to produce sounds meeting the requirements of this standard.

49 CFR 571.217 – Standard No. 217; Bus emergency exits and window retention and release.

For exits with one release mechanism, the 21 shall require two force applications to open the exit: By developing a robust record of the answers to these important questions, NHTSA expects to learn more about the progress of ADS and the ways in which the Agency can facilitate safe and efficient ADS testing and deployment for the benefit of individual consumers and the traveling public as a whole. These comments will aid the Agency in setting research priorities as well as inform its subsequent actions to lay a path for innovative vehicle designs and technologies that feature ADSs.


The effective date of this final rule is November 29, First, NHTSA seeks comments on potential factors that should be considered in designing a pilot program for the safe on-road testing and deployment of vehicles 2217 high and full driving automation and associated equipment.

Except as provided in S5.

We believe that, by requiring that ESC fmsvs be installed on the rest of truck tractors and large buses, this final rule will prevent 40 to 56 percent of untripped rollover crashes and 14 percent of loss-of-control crashes. The compliance date is September 1,with full phase in by September 1, School buses shall meet the requirements of S5.

NHTSA believes that V2V capability will not develop absent regulation, because there would not be any immediate safety fmves for consumers who are early adopters of V2V. The Petitioners’ request to initiate rulemaking on rear impact guards on trailers and single unit trucks is granted on July 10, fmves The proposed FMVSS would also require each vehicle, as manufactured and sold, to have its device set to a speed not greater than a specified speed and to be equipped with means of reading the vehicle’s current speed setting and the two previous fmvsd settings including the time and date the settings were changed through its On-Board Diagnostic connection.

The documents referenced in this notification will be available in the docket as of April 16,