Repairs and replacement parts To Order Please Call or Email: () ( ) () (After Hours) [email protected] BARTON Floco Meters, Floco Samplers and Pulse Transmitters. Floco Series F Meters Models F/F Cameron’s BARTON® Floco® Series F meter is a. True ‚¬Å“industry standards‚¬, Floco and Flotrac meters are staples in harsh environments that demand consistent, repeatable and rugged performance.

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NUFLO turbine flow meters indicate flow rate and measure total throughput of a liquid line. The meter can be installed in any position and the register can be rotated in two planes for optimal visibility. Cavitation, a common problem in pumps and control valves, More information. Bridge seals prevent the liquid from passing to the outlet port without being measured. The Flotrac Meter is designed for mechanically measuring volumes of low-viscosity liquids flowing at high pressure.

Seller information surplus-planet Examples of applications include petroleum, chemical, fuel management, lubrication, solvents and food product industries.

Visual Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering

Dloco and retain this instruction manual to assist. Below is a picture of a reciprocating piston meter. The Item pictured is the actual item offered for sale and includes the item or items pictured.


High accuracy and repeatability Handles viscous flow Cost-effective Accuracy unaffected by changes in viscosity Requires little maintenance. Requirements and test methods. The number and type of tloco bolts determines the safe working pressure of the meter, as shown in the table below. The design of the valve More information.

A disc attached to a sphere is mounted inside a spherical chamber.

Using the assembly drawing and parts list shipped with each meter, a user can readily identify all parts and assembly procedures. Rotary positive displacement meters are similar to rotary vane meters but operate with rotors, as opposed to sliding vanes, that rotate in unison within the measuring chamber.

Unaffected by flow profile and does not require straight lengths of pipe. Rotor action is self-cleaning. A range spring assembly priveds tension against applied pressures.

Valve seats, in the centerplate passage, form a seal with the valves.

Floco™ Meter Parts

Metwr well suited for measurement of highly viscous and hard to meter fluids. As the liquid makes a degree loop, it is separated equally into two streams.

Rotary vane meters are often used in the petroleum and agricultural industries due to their rugged construction. With an unrivaled dedication to engineering excellence, Cameron provides field-proven, precise and reliable measurement for some of the most challenging applications around the world.


Process liquid enters the metering chamber through the 1-in. Electromagnetic sensors outside the meter detect the rotation of a magnet inside the center of the piston, which indicates the quantity or rate of fluid passing through the meter.

This document is for reference only. As the process fluid viscosity increases the measurement performance of the Floco also increases. These couplings are furnished with restraint rings that, when affixed. Read and retain this instruction manual to assist More information. ARCA s comprehensive product portfolio More information. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. The Polaris Air Compressor. Minimum capacity improves with higher viscosities.

These systems More information. The spring-loaded blades are made of a stainless steel substrate with a Buna-N, Viton, or Teflon covering.