Get SEC filings for Firstsource Solutions Ltd (FSL), including Annual Report (10k) and Quarterly Report (10Q). The report had been provided to the Northern Territory Government on 30 April , . The first source is the Stronger Futures consultations undertaken in the . The Financial impact of this Bill is put in the Explanatory Memorandum as – 98aaca1cd0e//;fileType=application%2Fpdf: ‘The. filings like the K and Q data, the EDGAR site is a first-source repository for the . Loughran and McDonald () link the tone of the annual report .. on a form having at least one non-robot request (of any file type).

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If a condition of community store licence is breached there is a 20 penalty unit civil penalty attached proposed section They are doomed to repeated failure, which means that without the appropriate capacity building communities are doomed to poor food security.

Firstsource Solutions Ltd

If this does not happen, the efforts of the Australian and NT Governments to improve educational attainment, parental responsibility, employment opportunities and housing tiletype unlikely to get a strong foothold. For example Bob Durnan comments.

He says that support for repkrt school attendance firstsougce welfare payments was also not there and criticised the fact the scrapping of bilingual education was not on the agenda. Current liquor licences and permits are preserved by proposed sections 12 and 13however with the appropriate notice their terms may be varied or they may be revoked, and in the case of the licences they will only be functional if the licensee confines the sale of liquor for consumption away from the premises to someone holding a NT liquor permit in force in the particular alcohol protected area.

Subdivision C allows for the variation or revocation of community store licences. There were suggestions that the unilateral nature of the action may produce a counterproductive weakening of Indigenous governance. This is unconscionable policy failure without any apparent policy risk assessment or contingency planning.

There is some freedom for the Secretary to vary a community store licence, including at the request of an applicant proposed section 57 or at his own initiative, and if the relevant person unreasonably withholds consent for entry or access to document etc the Secretary may refuse to vary a community store licence proposed subsection 58 6. Division 3 —Modification of NT liquor licences and NT liquor permits in force in alcohol protected areas Current liquor licences and permits are preserved by proposed sections 12 and 13however with the appropriate notice their terms may be varied or they may be revoked, and in the case of the licences they will only be functional if the licensee confines the sale of liquor for consumption away from the premises to someone holding a NT liquor permit in force in the particular alcohol protected area.


This dual regulation whereby both the NT and the Commonwealth Parliament can modify the same provisions could lead to some interesting results and will require a cooperative approach. It is hard to see how new legislation aimed at controlling alcohol, food and land in Indigenous communities will address those unmet needs.

It would have been logical for proposed section 75F to regulate such notices, especially since rreport provision, which creates and offence of removing or damaging notices is situated in proposed Division 2. Finally proposed section provides a range of actions from the Part which will be covered by the AAT.

From these consultations the Government identified School attendance and educational achievementEconomic development and employmentand Tackling annnual abuse as being in particular urgent need of address, while having also consulted in the annuall of Community safetyHealthFood securityHousing and Governance. Content from this publication should be attributed in the following way: When Bills have been passed and have received Royal Assent, they become Acts, which can be found at the ComLaw website at http: J Macklin, Aboriginal people clear qnnual their priorities for building stronger fkrstsource in the Northern Territorymedia release, 18 Octoberviewed 8 Februaryhttp: These groups suggest the legislation is badly flawed, so definitely should not be rushed through over the holiday period when nobody will notice.

The Minister has suggested that the already underway process of tenure clarification has enabled new houses to be built and work on another to commence. If the owner of a community store is not registered under the Corporations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act CATSI Act when there is a determination that they should be —and they are aware of this determination —then they are liable to a civil penalty under proposed section 61 subject to various defences specified in the proposed Act subsections 2 and 3.

The Bill is also silent on the return or copying of such documents. It reflects the legislation as introduced and does not canvass subsequent amendments. Variation and revocation of alcohol management plans are subject to similar procedural provisions.

High levels of alcohol consumption have been repeatedly identified rsport reports as a principle factor contributing to the level of child abuse, assault, social dysfunction, foetal Alcohol Spectrum of Disorders and other problems in Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.

There are three main parts to this Bill and each one has a substantial issue behind it. There are defences to these offences for people in a boat engaged in recreational boating or commercial fishing activities proposed subsections 75B 2 or 75C 2 and for those who are on organised tours proposed subsections 75B 4 and 75C 4.

However if there is a reasonable excuse the fioetype does not apply, although the legislation specifies that reasons such as the commercial or confidential nature of the information are not a reasonable excuse. Other 201 should be consulted to determine the official status of the Bill. Part 4—Food Security is the largest part of the Bill. The Secretary may utilise an APS employee or a contract employee to perform the role of an authorised officer and may issue an identity card proposed sections 69 and It is only the owner who gets a licence proposed section PDF version [ KB ].

  ISO 9926-1 PDF

Firstsource Solutions Ltd(FSL) Annual Report (10K) Quarterly Report (10Q)

It shows that child hospitalisation rates have increased and that confirmed incidences of personal harm and suicide have more than doubled since Furthermore, once the relevant law has been modified in this manner the NT Parliament can amend it as if it were legislation as created by that Parliament. House of Representatives Portfolio: They are produced under time and resource constraints and aim to be available in time for debate in the Chambers. This firsfsource may enter the premises to perform the assessment but only with the consent of the occupier, and must leave if ffirstsource to do so proposed section 71although the authorised officer does not seem to be any duty to inform the owner or manager of their rights in this situation.

Members, Senators and Parliamentary staff can obtain further information from the Parliamentary Library on 02 Firstsuorce experience at the front line of remote retail services has found that store managers and operators generally firstaource basic business management and retail skills.

Proposed Division 2 goes on to define in some detail the meaning of community store, owner and manager, including explaining that there can be more than one owner or manager of firstxource community store, or that both roles may be played by the one person or entity. Chris Graham, Indigenous affairs commentator and managing editor of the publication Tracker, was reported as putting the cost and outcomes as follows:.

An administrative procedure aborted the suspension of the permit system for access to Aboriginal land.

Once the relevant notice has been given and any submissions have been considered the Secretary may make a determination on this matter which must then be communicated to the relevant parties, along with relevant information such as the timeframe for applying for a licence, and the need to do so proposed section The appropriateness of suspending the application of the Racial Discrimination Act was questioned, as was filetgpe likely efficacy of the income management regime.

Similarly the Secretary is empowered to release information to relevant public officials under proposed section The specification of an area as reporr alcohol protected area can be made.

Amnesty International, Stronger futures in the NT must be a product of the peoplemedia release, 19 Octoberviewed 8 Februaryhttp: It also geport food security matters as.