If you fail the falconry exam, you may retake the test after a 2 week waiting period . This quest for knowledge has motivated many young apprentice falconers to. California Hawking Club Apprentice Study Guide [Frederick W. Rick Holderman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Study guide for. Apprentice Study Guide by the California Hawking Club (edited by Frederick W. Holderman) Only $ Essential Apprentice Pre-Test Material that applies to.

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Getting Started | Arizona Falconers Association

You should talk to practicing falconers, if possible, and ask to go on a hunt with them. You can download the information here as well: This is just one of several excellent reasons to join the Georgia Falconry Association. Mavrogordato A Falcon for the Field by J. In addition, you must have the following equipment: The GFA manual ordering instructions are on the Publications page of this web stkdy.

Most sponsors will recommend that an apprentice falconer begin with the Red-Tailed Hawk. Can I be compensated monetarily for taking groups on hunting trips? Articles are frequently inaccurate, they may sensationalize the sport and little emphasis may be given to the fact that success is measured by the beauty and excitement of the chase, not whether apprengice how much game is caught.

If your sponsor is unable to go apprenticw with you, find an experienced falconer who will go with you on your first trapping expedition. Your sponsor will assist you. Read each book through at least once, and then study the most relevant areas heavily. Falonry are allowed to flconry an immature redtail or an immature red-shouldered hawk or a kestrel of any age. As an apprentice, you will work with either a passage Red-Tailed Hawk or an American Kestrel during your apprenticeship period.


If, after reading the above you still fxlconry to become a falconer, here is the process: A word of warning: I get caught up in the vicarious thrill, but still realize that the bird’s the star, I’m the earthbound mortal spectator.

Harting Hawking Ground Quarry: Can I go onto private property to retrieve my bird? Getting Started Almost all apprentices get involved as absolute beginners with no prior knowledge of the art and sport of falconry. This page is designed to help you get from newbie to reasonably knowledgeable apprentice falconer.

Interested In Falconry

See examples of mews and weathering areas here. This law was not written with falconers in mind. All falconers begin at the apprentice level. Yes, but only for actual expenses.

You must, by law have a mews houselarge enough so that your bird will have freedom of movement. Powered by Wild Apricot Membership Appprentice. Can I allow someone that is not a falconer to hold or fly my bird? Your sponsor has done this all already and can help you avoid making common mistakes, as well as make your journey more simple and fun!

Begin reading all you can about falconry. Yes, and you are allowed to make a profit. Since your checks must accompany the application, your checks could potentially be outstanding for a considerate amount of time.


Falconry is an ancient sport and the basic equipment has not changed all that much, because the designs work. The law states that it is illegal to trap wildlife upon the right of way of any public roads in Georgia.

The answers to the following questions have been reviewed by Scott Frazier of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. The regulations, both state and federal, have changed significantly in the past few years. Meet the membership and ask questions about falconry. If you include a weathering area, it must also meet state and federal requirements. If you are considering becoming a falconer, it is very important that you examine your reasons to be sure you have a genuine desire and your venture will not be just a passing fancy.

Most sponsors will look favorably on someone that has put the time into learning about falconry then completing this test.

When you are ready to become further involved in this rewarding, yet challenging sport, please join our club via this link: Go to the library and find some of the recommended books on falconry See recommended reading list.

Wheeler The Goshawk by T.

Yes, but only in conjunction with educating the public about falconry. Separate from that is the New York study guide available from the state of New York.