Evolvulus alsinoides, the slender dwarf morning-glory, is flowering plant from the family “Review of Ethnomedicinal Uses and Pharmacology of Evolvulus alsinoides Linn”. Ethnobotanical Leaflets. – ^ Cervenka F, Koleckar V . Key Words: Evolvulus alsinoides, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Figure 1: Habitat of Evolvulus alsinoides (L). L . use in consistent medicinal practices. Medicinal, Fairytale bookmark · Good article Uses. The leaves of Evolvulus alsinoides are bitter and are widely used in.

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History Research analysis by Kamal Patel and verified by the Examine.

Evolvulus alsinoides

It grows up to 45 Cm. Evolvulus Medicinal plants of Asia Flora of Australia.

Simmer for minutes. Plant Resources of Tropical Africa Introduction. Several Evolvulus species are cultivated for their striking blue flowers, e.

A number of varieties and subspecies are recognised. Elsewhere, one rat study that investigated anti-amnesiac effects of evolvulus and had both a true control and evolvulus group without neurotoxin failed to note a significant difference in learning as assessed by retention transfer latency, retention latency, or escape latency.

Our evidence-based analysis features 23 evolvhlus references to scientific papers. However, there is insufficient evidence to compare the efficacy of evolvulus against other herbs to see if a role for this herb exists or not. Evolvulus alsinoides is mentioned in traditional Indian writings as a potential enhancer of cognitive functioning. Best used for Alzheimer, Anxiety and Blood Impurity.


To get message Alert]. In India Evolvulus alsinoides is attacked by the root fungus Sclerotium rolfsiiand by Albugo evolvuli causing gall formation on the aerial parts. Evolvine alkaloid, structure currently unknown [11] [12]. In the extremely variable Evolvulus alsinoides 7 varieties have been described mainly on the basis of differences in hairiness, but in Africa too many intermediate forms have been described to maintain the subdivision.

Evolvulus alsinoides – Wikipedia

Beyond the memory enhancing properties evolvulus appears to have general anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic, and neuroprotective properties in the brain following oral ingestion and high doses may confer a sedative property. Several of these are also present in Africa, Asia and Australia.

The compounds identified in whole plant extracts include long-chain alkanes, butanetriol, esters of ferulic acid and caffeoyl-quinic acid, caffeic acid, the coumarin derivatives scopoletin, scopoline, umbelliferone, and several kaempferol and sitosterol derivatives.

A preparation of the plant in oil is applied to promote hair growth. Home Supplements Cognitive Function and Brain Health Evolvulus alsinoides Evolvulus alsinoides Evolvulus alsinoides kses one of four herbs referred to as Shankhapushpi and is traditionally used in Ayurveda for nootropic and psychotropic effects. The leaves produce a somewhat fragrant smoke that is used in northern Nigeria to perfume houses.

Please send this link to: It has become widespread throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. This may explain some of differences found. Chemical compounds isolated from E. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Most experiments are done with alcoholic extracts while in Ayurvedic medicine aqueous extracts are more commonly used.


Evolvulus Alsinoides Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

Extremely variable, annual to perennial herb, deep-rooted, thinly or sometimes rather densely covered with long, silky hairs; stems few to many, trailing or prostrate and slender, but flowering shoots ascending, up to 50 —70 cm long. Retrieved from ” https: Evolvulus Alsinoides Combines With. The Suri people of Ethiopia apply crushed leaves to burns, and Sukuma people of Tanzania burn the dried evo,vulus in a pipe as a cure for leprosy. It is locally abundant.

The extent of its trade in Africa is unknown. Evolvulus Alsinoides Syamakranta for Infertility. It is therefore not possible to fully evaluate its potential. A water extract of the corolla inhibited spore germination and mycelial growth of the fungi Alternaria brassicae, Alternaria brassicicola and Fusarium oxysporum.

Evolvulus alsinoidesthe slender dwarf morning-gloryis flowering plant from the family Convolvulaceae. Views Read Edit View history. In Niger a decoction of the leaves is taken as a laxative or purgative. Last updated on Oct 12, Experiments on anti-inflammatory properties of plant extracts have been contradictory. All factual claims are followed by specifically-applicable references.

An ethanol extract of the whole plant showed anti-ulcer and anticatatonic activity qlsinoides rats. Prepare a decoction of Evolvulus Alsinoides Syamakranta by boiling in a cup of Milk.