UNIT 1 UNITS ASSOCIATED WITH BASIC ELECTRICAL QUANTITY UNIT 2 CELLS AND BATTERY UNIT 3 AN INTRODUCTION TO. Et – Electrical Technology – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ET ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY: 15 WEEKS: 2: NONE. SYNOPSIS ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY introduces students to the principles of operation of DC.

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This course includes electromagnetic vector quantities and vector operations in spherical, cylindrical, and rectangular coordinate systems. This course uses a balance of theory, analysis using circuit simulation software, and practical application through laboratory investigation and troubleshooting.

Actuators used in typical industrial-related processes are explored, including operation, connectivity and tecbnology. Introduces common industry drafting practices in the design process with an emphasis on computer-aided drafting CAD. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

Concepts are connected to their use in technology and their manifestation in natural phenomena. The fundamental concepts and structures needed to understand communication systems are presented. This was introduced in and is now adopted by majority of countries as the official system of measurement. Each project team develops a formal project proposal and delivers a formal presentation.

Emphasis is placed on the steady state characteristics of sinusoidal alternating current AC circuits with resistive and reactive capacitors and inductors elements in series, parallel, and series-parallel configurations. Additional topics include Fourier transforms and wireless communications. These field sites include renewable energy facilities, laboratories, industry. The field experience will not be covered in other courses. Take the resistivity of aluminium to be 0.

It is denoted by the symbol S. Two-state logic and Boolean algebra are used to create ladder logic control programs for electromechanical controls and in PLC software. Applications to circuit analysis will be made. A material or element that allows free movement of electrons and therefore allows easy flow of electricity. A unit on basic alternating current AC resistive circuits with sinusoidal voltage and current sources is included. The unit of current is ampere A.


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Electrical Engineering Technology Course Descriptions. This course will expose students to the expectations of a professional work environment and help them learn to balance field and office responsibilities. Transformers, three-phase power, frequency response analysis, and selected direct current DC topics will also be introduced. Commonly used protocols and technolgoy standards are emphasized. The electircal associated with analog communications amplitude and angle modulation are introduced.

A student wishing to study or conduct research in an area not represented in available scheduled courses should develop a preliminary proposal and seek the sponsorship of a faculty member. Students will also gain exposure to utility systems interconnection from generation through distribution which includes: The theory and operation of these technollogy is explored in the context of a wide array of applications including rectifier, amplifier, and switching circuits.

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SI units may be made larger or smaller by using prefixes which denote multiplication or division by a particular amount. Topics include sketching, drawing setup and organization, dimensioning, orthographic and isometric projections, and CAD standards and guidelines. Topics include DC motors and generator configuration, eg101, compound, and permanent magnet DC motor performance and characteristics.

Most conductors are metals. Published by Carla Jarred Modified over 4 years ago.

Introduces techniques for collecting precision measurements, interpreting measurement data, and using it to control systems. Students from the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Technology programs will form multidisciplinary teams and will design and build a tevhnology using an electromechanical control system.


Series DC, compound DC, AC induction, specialty machine performance and characteristics, stepper motors, servomotors, and three-phase power systems are also included.

This course also introduces the concepts of electric and magnetic fields in the context of capacitors and inductors and their transient responses in DC circuits.

This course is an overview of project management with an emphasis on engineering projects. How can we explain electric current and resistance? Prefixes to Signify Powers of Each student maintains a bounded engineering log notebook. The will also explore interviewing, social ft101, presentation, and personal conduct at the work place.


Apply the knowledge of DC circuit laws and theorems in solving problem related to DC electrical circuit. The principles associated with data communication, transmission media, interfaces, error control, flow control, synchronization, circuit switching and packet switching are investigated. Taylor and Fourier Series. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

ET Electrical Technology

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Determine the force needed. We think leectrical have liked this presentation. Hands-on laboratory experiments will demonstrate the operation of real industrial systems compressed air, pumping, chilled water, and furnace and use precision measurement theory as it relates to process measurements and the accuracy of measurements in industrial processes.

These days, it is usual practice to use Siemen as the unit elrctrical conductance. Principles of open and closed loop control systems are applied, including an introduction to proportional-integral-derivative control techniques.