Enfermedad antimembrana basal glomerular en un paciente transplantado renal con enfermedad de Alport. Research output: Contribution to journal › Article. Pero el conocimiento molecular de estas enfermedades ha hecho que podamos agruparlas bajo otros epígrafes, como son: síndrome de Alport ligado al sexo. The documents contained in this web site are presented for information purposes only. The material is in no way intended to replace professional medical care.

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By indirect immunofluorescence of kidney biopsies from 7 males from 5 families with Alport syndrome, Jeraj et al.

Two types of Alport syndrome were represented by 3 kindreds: After reaching abnormal values of creatinine, the patient presented with deteriorating renal function three months after a cadaver transplant and the biopsy showed crescent formation, and linear IF deposits. Alport syndrome is also a feature of 2 contiguous gene deletion syndromes involving the COL4A5 gene: Please consider making a donation now and again in the future.

Absence of Goodpasture’s antigen in male patients with familial nephritis.

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The specificity of the finding was supported by persistence of other glomerular basement membrane antigens, and the findings were compatible with X-linked inheritance. Alport’s syndrome of hereditary nephritis with deafness. Instead, their glomerular basement membranes retain a fetal distribution of the alpha-1 and alpha-2 isoforms of type IV collagen because they fail to switch their alpha-chain use developmentally.

Four deletions and 1 single base mutation of the COL4A5 gene were detected. Clinical Synopsis Toggle Dropdown. Glomerular ultrastructural findings similar to hereditary nephritis in 4 English cocker spaniels. Diffuse leiomyomatosis in Alport syndrome. He reached end-stage renal disease at age 40, and had a successful transplant at age Their biopsies showed little or no glomerular changes other than attenuation of the lamina densa on electron microscopy.


An unexplained deficiency of sons of affected mothers was found. Absence of nephritogenic GBM antigen s in some patients with hereditary nephritis.


Hereditary nephropathy, deafness and renal foam cells. A hereditary nephritis in English cocker spaniels Robinson et al. Genetic heterogeneity among kindreds with Alport syndrome.

Alport reported that many family members showed deafness as well as renal disease, and that affected males died of uremia whereas affected females lived to old age. Similar studies ejfermedad the anterior lens capsule of a patient with Alport syndrome who had anterior lenticonus showed lack of immunoreactivity to the COL4A3 to COL4A6 chains.

Orphanet: S ndrome de Alport ligado al X

They found a maximum lod score of 2. Healthy female carriers of a gene for the Alport syndrome: Angiographic features of Alport’s syndrome: Spear suggested that a primary structural abnormality of basement membranes underlies the phenotype of Alport syndrome.

Alport reported a family in which affected individuals showed progressive renal disease with hematuria and deafness. They proposed that Enfermfdad syndrome may be an immunologic disorder. The most common abnormality on electron microscopy, found in 27 of 31 biopsies, was complex replication of the lamina densa of the capillary basement membrane to form a ‘basket weave’ pattern.

Alport syndrome is a genetically heterogeneous disorder, with all forms resulting from mutations in genes encoding type IV collagen, which is a major structural component of the basement membrane. Clinical Variability Hasstedt et al. Hereditary interstitial nephritis associated with polyneuropathy.

The report of Alport was the fourth concerning a single pedigree that was also studied by GuthrieKendall and Hertz,and Hurst review by Cohen et al. Reexamination of segregation showed no excess of affected offspring of affected parents and no difference in penetrance in daughters of symptomatic and asymptomatic mothers.

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These studies indicated that the FNS antigen is apparently distinct from the Goodpasture antigen. CO;2- ] M’Rad, R. The ocular manifestations were identical to those found in the autosomal forms of Alport syndrome. Electron microscopy demonstrated splitting of the lamina densa of the glomerular basement membrane GBM. A premature stop codon in the gene encoding the alpha-5 chain of collagen type IV in canine hereditary nephritis HN.


Myers and Tyler found variability in the histologic findings of the ear in Alport syndrome. X-linked Alport syndrome in females. Alpory 30 cases, there was hematuria in at least 1 other member of the family; in the other 18 cases, there was no familial incidence.

In affected Utah kindreds, Menlove et al.

Abstract We report a case of anti GBM disease that developed in the renal enfermeddad of a patient with Alport syndrome. Development of the characteristic ultrastructural lesion of hereditary nephritis during the course of the disease.

CC ]. The epitopes reactive with anti-GBM antibodies are located in the noncollagenous globular domain of type IV collagen. The proband had 2 daughters, aged 15 and 13 years. An elder sister had microscopic hematuria, proteinuria with normal kidney function, and hearing loss.

Beathard and Granholm ; Chazan et al. Proteinuria and microscopic hematuria had been recognized by age 12 months, and bilateral sensorineural hearing loss since age 11 years. Familial nephritis and associated deafness in a southwestern Apache Indian family.

Although there was clinical variability in ophthalmic signs and the age of development of end-stage renal disease, homogeneity tests failed to show evidence of genetic heterogeneity.

Genetic cause of X-linked Alport syndrome in enfrrmedad family of domestic dogs.