Down To Earth takes a look at one of the worst and longest-running pesticide poisoning episodes in India and how it culminated with the Supreme Court. The numbers of people affected by nearly 20 years of aerial spray of Endosulfan, an organochlorine pesticide, in the cashew plantations in Kasaragod, the. Our mission is to get rid of the deadly chemical Endosulfan from India. Report in Mangalam (a Malayalam publication) on how Sharad Pawar, the Agriculture.

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The paper also claims that scientists working in the labs where the tests were done revealed that the labs were not well equipped to do proper testing and had conducted the study using expired standards. But all studies recommended banning of aerial spray of endosulfan in the area, accepted the evident lapses in precautionary measures followed by the PCK and acknowledged the fact that there were indeed a large number of people health abnormalities.

Endosulfan Industry’s Dirty War – A Chronology of events

Why endosulfan should be banned? I’m in complete agreement malayalm what the workers have to say on this. Several studies conducted by individuals as well as institutions since have clearly proved that these diseases are the result of Endosulfan alone. They began harassing organizations and any individual who supported the ban. The article wndosulfan how Dubey had suppressed dissent and that majority of the scientific members in the committee had ruled against endosulfan.

Endosulfan News: Latest News and Updates on Endosulfan at News18

This was in background of the Pesticide Manufacturers and Formulators Association of India PMFAI moving the Kerala High Court seeking to quash endosuofan state government order of August 25, to suspend the use of endosulfan in the state and the High Court bench deciding that the government should take cognizance of the Achuthan committee report and take a decision based on section 27 maalayalam the Insecticides Act.


The valleys below house villages like Padre. Some residents here have obtained a stay order from the courts against aerial spraying by the PCK. Letter was sent to Sharad Pawar by Dr. There are no fireflies. But the local media has been more appreciative of their struggle.

Endosulfan Industry’s Dirty War – A Chronology of events

However some scientists have called this study flawed. Endosulfan became a highly controversial agrichemical [2] due to its acute toxicitypotential for bioaccumulationand role as malayalma endocrine disruptor. One walk through the village is enough to send a chill down the spine. Skip to main content.

Click here to read the Press Release of the global campaign. The recent government survey also mentions the same disorders, but admits lower incidence. Archived from the original on September 7, Most o f them have been putting it down to a supernatural curse.

R B Singh to review the continued use of some pesticides including endosulfan. Please discuss further on the talk page. He was criticized heavily but his comment raked up the issue of endosulfan in the country and its impact.

Is it too late? In fact, I have already made representation to the Prime Minister and concerned Union Ministers of health and environment demanding immediate withdrawal of the report,” as reported by The Economic Times and Outlook India [72] [73].

Later, on a petition filed in the Supreme Court of Indiathe production, storage, sale and use of the pesticide was temporarily banned on 13 Mayand later permanently by the end of Sharanya developed cerebral meningitis on the 28th day.

All dndosulfan were alleged to be due to the aerial spraying of Endosulfan. But saying that a public sector company was indulging in mass homicide was a bit too much. The report concluded that there was a high prevalence of congenital malformations in exposed groups, low IQ, Scholastic backwardness, learning disability, early menarche in girls and delayed puberty in boys.


Retrieved 13 December Chlorantraniliprole Cyantraniliprole Flubendiamide Ryanodine Ryanodol. We are part of an international movement to get governments ban this chemical from use. These include endosulfan, monocrotophos, furidan and phorate.

The third shoot was completed in Ottawa, Canada, during the winter in December The study concluded that the health problems in the Enmakaje panchayat was due to the high and continued exposure to endosulfan through various environmental media such as food, water, soil and air. You can read more about the story of Kasaragod from the campaign resources here. The committee recommended a permanent ban of endosulfan aerial spraying, enhancement of medical facilitiesmalatalam in the affected area of Kasaragod.

Soon after Thomas’ statement, Down To Earth traveled extensively in Kasaragod, Palakkad and Idukki districts in November to assess the current situation mqlayalam the areas affected by the incessant use of endosulfan despite being banned in the state. The film is a partly fictional representation of the environmental disaster caused by the use of the pesticide endosulfan in the Kasaragod District of Kerala, India.

Mmalayalam, some residue of Endosulfan was detected in soil 0. Its effect is showing on people living there. April 30,