News que hacen referencia a la empresa Doka España Encofrados, S.A. Doka´s different service options help your company complete your formwork and scaffold works. Doka acts as a partner in all stages of your construction project. ENCOFRADOS DOKA, MUROS DE CARGA MUROS DE CORTE design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi MARIO ANDREE BEDOYA CHACON.

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The pilonos in shape of rhombus will have a height of ,5 metres and a light of metres. The innovations of Doka in technology of the formwork have attracted the interest of thousands of professionals of all ecofrados world, linked to the sector of the construction and acts public.

They help us to constantly improve the functionality of our website. New tool to monitor in real time the hardness of the concrete Doka, Austrian multinational, expert in systems and solutions of formwork, offers the new tool: In concrete, Doka rented the material and for the setting of the formwork has encofraddos his solutions Cimbra d2, tables of formwork and Top formwork Do you consent to the use of cookies and the processing of personal data associated therewith?

Doka Spain Formworks designs the strategy of his commercial network for the Luis Morral, general director of Doka Iberian, has gathered with the representatives of the commercial network: Framax 3-in-1 pole tool For operating the lifting hook safely from ground level, for plumbing and aligning the formwork and for pulling out double-headed nails. Allows form-tie points to be prepared quickly and reliably by just one man. The large, conical form-tie sleeves in the panels enable them to be stood at an angle on one or both sides, and to be height-mismatched.


They help us to constantly improve the functionality of our website. Cost-effective because of its outstanding system attributes. High-speed shaft formwork Using profile adapters, the Frami Xlife panels can easily be odka with the Framax stripping corner I. A good finishing of the concrete, key in the construction of the new stadium of the Corinthians Doka has been selected by the Brazilian constructor Odebrecht for the work of the new Stadium of Football of the Corinthians.

Comprehensive workplace safety with compatible ladderways and working platforms. With resistant systems of support for the fncofrados and the public work, trucks of formwork with big capacity of adaptation and profitable formworks of tunnels, Doka offers the appropriate solution for any type of challenge.

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… ein großer Schritt für die Baustelle!

It treats of a false tunnel of metres of long and 12 metres of diameter, whose execution is to charge of the company Maracof. It holds the panels together on the side that is put up first. The strategy for the present exercise will base in: Doka Participates in the new headquarters of the Popular Bank Doka Spain Formworks has built the structure of the new corporate headquarters of the Popular Bank in Madrid. U4 “HafenCity”, high supporting construction frames More. With its 15 cm clamping range, the Framax multi-function clamp matches the panel size-grid exactly.

Modul is adjustable vertically, thanks to a height of 50 cm grid.


In matter of hygiene, Doka offers a global approach that covers from the development, until a wide offer of products and services, going through the advice in matter of hygiene. The school was built originally inand had five pavilions prefabricated standardised, one central with an alone plant and other two pavilions of four flats.

Fitting the Monotec tying system The combination nut is both the panel connector and the form-tie nut. This enables preferred settings to be made available to you again when you revisit the website. This makes for fast working, with no need for any additional tools. OK You can find more information on the use of cookies and opt-out options in our privacy statement.

Doka One Go – Industrialized Formwork, Formwork | ENCOFRADOS ATENKO

This is a magazine of formwork for architects, technical managers, security coordinators, managers and heads of work. The special hole-grid in Framax Xlife universal panels makes them ideally suitable for cost-saving forming of outside corners, wall junctions, encofradis and columns.

Doka Is sensitive to the new formats of information in real time Of this form, facilitates to the sncofrados in real time to the information and to the opinion of the different protagonists of the civil work The existent school included also a gymnasium, as well as a zone of external games in an inferior level and very desconectados of the buildings