Literatura bilingüe en Forma de Textos Paralelos Inglés-Español que son gratuitos y en línea; To Build a Fire (Encender una Hoguera) JACK LONDON. Results 1 – 30 of 31 ENCENDER UNA HOGUERA by LONDON, JACK and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at. Pocos relatos resumen con tanta perfección el mundo aventurero y salvaje de Jack London como Encender una hoguera. Escrito.

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His wet feet froze the faster, and his exposed fingers numbed the faster, though they had not yet begun to freeze.

Encender una hoguera (Literatura Rey Lear nº 45) by Jack London

To ask other readers questions hogueta Construire un feuplease sign up. Working carefully from a small beginning, he soon had a roaring fire, over which he thawed the ice from his face and in the protection of which he ate his biscuits. It was all pure white, rolling in gentle, sncender where the ice jams of the freeze-up had formed.

This was imperative at that low temperature – he knew that much; and he turned aside to the bank, which he climbed.

Encender una hoguera (Literatura Rey Lear nº 45)

In another minute he would be able to feed it with branches the size of his wrist, and then he could remove uuna wet foot-gearand, while it dried, he could keep his naked feet warm by the fire, rubbing them at first, of course, with snow. Any man who was a man could travel alone. PARA 3 But all this the mysterious, far-reaching hair-line trail, the absence of sun from the sky, the tremendous cold, and the strangeness and weirdness of it all made no impression on the man.


El sendero era apenas visible. He did not put the mitten on, but instead struck the fingers a dozen sharp smashes against his leg. It certainly was cold, was his thought. As he walked along he rubbed his cheek-bones and nose with the back of his mittened hand.

To ask other readers questions about Encender una hogueraplease sign up. Which is okay, I guess, but it lost quite a bit of the dreariness London managed to build up.

Construire un feu

PARA 17 The man took a chew of tobacco and proceeded to start a new amber beard. No matter how fast he runs, the wet feet will freeze the harder. Chaboute could like, illustrate a textbook about cheesemaking and make it super exciting. Beautifully illustrated in Chaboute’s black and white signature, London’s haunting tale of man vs. Part One PARA 1 Day had broken cold and gray, exceedingly cold and gray, when the man turned aside from the main Yukon trail and climbed the high earth-bank, where a dim and little traveled trail led eastward through the fat spruce timberland.

Ensayo sobre la pintura flamenca del Renacimiento. Buy Chaboute’s “Alone” or “Park Bench” instead. Leselotte rated it really liked it Dec 13, The text is completely superfluous. Open Preview See a Problem? The man held steadily on. They were coated with ice; the thick German socks were like sheaths of iron halfway to the knees; and the moccasin strings were like rods of steel all twisted and knotted as by some conflagration.

It knew that it was no time for traveling. Trivia About Encender una hogu Henceforth, click away on words you are not sure of and the dictionary will automatically follow. This was Henderson Creek, and he knew he was ten miles from the forks.

He was used to the lack of sun. At half-past twelve, to the minute, he arrived at the forks of the creek. Lydia rated it really liked it Apr 12, Era de setenta y cinco grados bajo cero.


Free Online Parallel text: To do so, click on the YouTube logo in the bottom right hand corner of the on-screens screens I made a hash of explaining that didn’t I. He had hoped to get into camp with the boys at six o’clock, and this would delay him an hour, for he would have to build a fire and dry out his foot-gear.

On top of this ice were as many feet of snow. Anou rated it really liked it Dec 16, Punt de Llibre Convocatorias. En cuanto al almuerzo It experienced a vague but menacing apprehension that subdued it and made it slink along at the man’s heels, and that made it question eagerly every unwonted movement of the man as if expecting him to go into camp or to seek shelter somewhere and build a fire.

There was the fire, snapping and crackling and promising life with every dancing flame. Possibly in its brain there was no sharp consciousness of a condition of very cold such as was in the man’s brain.

El metge, de Noah Gordon. He knew that the coldest snaps never froze these springs, and he knew likewise their danger. Its instinct told it a truer tale than londonn told to the man by the man’s judgment.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. High up in the tree one bough capsized its load of snow.