Manufacturer name, Eltako. Manufacturer number, TLZEV+UC. GTIN, Country of origin, Germany. Customs tariff number, gThe Standardg TLZ12 8E 23 V UC replaces the TLZ12N0 V and TLZ12 8E V+V uC. gThe Allrounderg TLZ12D 23 V UC replaces the TLZ12M V+V uC. g The Simpleg . Also visit TLZ12D V +UC. Eltako Staircase time switch TLZplus 1; 2; 3; 4 Matching products. Eltako Staircase time switchTLZ Manufacturer, Eltako. Manufacturer.

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This applies also to the new in nitely dimmable energy saving lamps. Therefore, only the operation instructions enclosed with the devices are binding. Covers the terminals and can be sealed.

Switching operation for childrens rooms: Similarily, provision made for local control through A3 and A4 are not shown. Wind sensor WS The WS wind sensor provides a sequence of pulses as a function of the wind vane speed. The display indicates ‘FRS’ 36 tlz12-8e-2230v later.

The counter is reset to 0. Confirm the selected function by pressing MODE. With the upper rotary switch this impulse switch with integrated relay function can be partly or completely excluded from central control: Assuming the maximum theoretical power consumption, the display would have a service life of more than 15 years.

It blinks while the relay contact 15 is open 15 closedand is continuously ON as long as the relay contact 15 is closed 15 open.


ELTAKO 继电器_广州市朝德机电设备有限公司

The enclosed window contact consists of a Reed relay with terminals and a solenoid. Dimmable energy saving lamps ESL up to watt.

This three-phase energy meter measures active energy by means of the current between input and output. Each momentary-contact control increments the set time once. Universal control voltage input 8 to V UC, electrically isolated from the V eltaio voltage and switching voltage.


An important factor governing the output of power supply units is tlz122-8e-230v ciency. It blinks while the relay contact is open closedand is continuously ON as long as the relay contact is closed open.

All meters have an S0 interface according to DIN 43 Small loads up to mA, are acceptable and, once major loads are disconnected, they do not prevent field disconnection. The control push-button s of the room are connected via low voltage control wires to the terminals T1 and T2 of the EUD12F field-free internal DC voltage.

Technical data page D8. NRxV Technical data page G7. Accurate timing is self-evident for this electronic device as well as noiseless operation.

Thus preventing coil power loss even in the on mode. When the switch is in the A position the FR12 adapts to changes in connected consumers.

Staircase lighting timer, TLZ12-8E-230V+UC

Loads drawing more than mA are consistently defined as loads which should cause the line power to be connected. This does not change the alarm time. The maximum load is reduced for shorter times as follows: In position -ESL Memory is switched off. For series installation on DIN rail, selectable shutdown prewarning and permanent light sensor, automatic detection of the circuit type, energy-saving lamp optimization; Contact: It is set to 5: It can be switched off at any time by short-time control commands during the lighting is dimmed down.


Glow lamps for illumination of pushbuttons jc parallel to pushbutton contacts can make life difficult for switchgear.

Additionally with switch-off early warning: The flashing decimal point is dependent on power consumption and indicates that power is being consumed. For new types of measuring instruments the MID directive includes the tlz12-8e-230vv requirements: AccessoriesSwitching power supply units for the power supply of the multi sensor and the multifunction sensor relay as well as for the heating of the rain sensors are available as accessories.

Press the SET key to change the component accessed. This is prevented by a changing light compensation function.

The switched consumer may not be connected to the mains before the short automatic synchronisation after installation has terminated.