2 Revision history; 3 Limitations; 4 EDID data format; 5 EIA/CEA .. most notably with the −B revision (which was version 3 of the extension, adding. ii Obtained from GLOBAL ENGINEERING DOCUMENTS 15 Inverness Way E. CO () () < OPTION. 电子发烧友 电子技术论坛 EIA STANDARD EIA/CEAB A DTV Profile for Uncompressed.

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Advanced Timing and CEA/EIA-861B Timings

Relative to the path of the Moon, a week is It supports the transmission of digital audio if the specific interface supports digital audio. Formats new to this Standard B The i and i formats should be listed in EDID byte structures for backward compatibility. It is recommended that source devices e. Since these formats were defined in and A, the method used to list these formats in EDID can be similar to the method used for the Xp, Xp, Xi, and Xp formats.

Content, in context, could mean any or all of video, audio, Internet web pages, interactive video games. Preferred timing mode specified in descriptor block 1. In order to convey the information across the interface, a packet structure is used. These segments can either transmit or block light, an image is produced by passing light through selected segments of the liquid crystal to the viewer 5.

In that case, the EDID byte detailed timing descriptor could be modified to reflect the proper picture aspect ratio. BNC prevents crosstalk by maintaining full coaxial shielding through the circular connectors, the requirement to press and turn the plug shell to disconnect requires access space around each connector to allow grasping of each BNC plug shell.

In the Xi case, the number of pixels on each line, and thus the number of times that they are repeated, is variable, and is sent to the DTV monitor by the source device. All standards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on this standard are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the standards listed in Sec. After all detailed timing descriptors, additional descriptors are permitted: This is useful for setting up source-selection-screens in the DTV Monitor.


Additionally, six new 50 Hz format timings have been added in eiw standard B. Video white and sync levels, relative to blank: Some also include a V-chip that allows programs of some television content ratings.

For the purposes of this standard, picture cea-861 to a single video frame in the uncompressed video signal. The first production flat-panel display was the Aiken tube, developed in the early s and this saw some use in military systems as a heads up display, but conventional technologies overtook its development. Audio Format Codes Codes 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 For additional guidance for source devices see Table 2 and Section 7.

Extended Display Identification Data – WikiVisually

Details of the requirements are found in the document text. Liquid-crystal-display televisions LCD TV are television sets that use liquid-crystal displays to produce images. Existence of such Standards and Publications shall not in any respect preclude any member or nonmember of EIA from manufacturing or selling products not conforming to such Standards and Ca-861b, nor ce-a861b the existence of such Standards and Publications preclude their voluntary use by those other than EIA members, whether the standard is to be used either domestically or internationally.

Attempts to commercialize the system for television use ran into continued problems.

It implies that, in some cases, the source device e. As stated in Section 7. Flat panel display — They are far lighter and thinner than traditional cathode ray tube television sets and video displays and are usually less than 10 centimetres thick.

Other picture scaling methods are possible in either source device or DTV Monitor. Timing parameters ce-861b xi 50 Hz.

Advanced Timings|NVIDIA

To be able to accommodate this extension and other extensions such as the extension containing additional detailed timing descriptorsa DTV Monitor may need to use E-DDC to be able to include more than one extension.

If text, code page text, terminated if less than 13 bytes with LF and padded with SP. The light was provided by a series of cold cathode fluorescent lamps at the back of the screen, today, most LCD-TV displays use white or colored LEDs as backlighting instead. For other data blocks, the format may be different e. New B Video Format Timings all optional Detailed timing descriptors, in decreasing preference order.


A DTV Monitor that simultaneously supports both picture aspect ratios of a video format timing e. Delay line memory would be limited to a capacity of up to a few hundred thousand bits to remain efficient, two alternatives to the delay line, the Williams tube and Selectron tube, originated inboth using electron beams in glass tubes as means of storage. The data applies to the next full frame of video data. LCD screens use a thin layer of crystal, a liquid that exhibits crystalline properties.

Extended Display Identification Data

Both approaches can be called integrated graphics, motherboard-based implementations are sometimes called on-board video while CPU-based implementations are known as accelerated processing units. Archived PDF from the original on Video white and sync levels, relative to blank: Therefore, further changes to this structure are under the control of CEA.

As can be seen in the timing diagrams, there is no difference in the timing parameters for video formats that have different picture aspect ratios but are otherwise the same e. Horizontal blanking pixels 8 lsbits 0— End of active to start of next active.

Examples of different conversion processes are illustrated in Annex F. For the LPCM i. List of InfoFrame Type Codes LCD television — Ria televisions are television sets that use liquid-crystal displays to produce images.

It is recommended that the DTV Monitor include a valid Speaker Allocation Data Block if it supports any type of digital audio on the interface, but this is not required. For that reason, they are treated as the same video format with a slight variation in the parameters i. A function that limits childrens time watching TV or playing games may also be built in.

Later, inStallman started the Free Software Foundation, by the early s, many of the programs required in an operating system were completed, although low-level elements such as device drivers, daemons, and the kernel were stalled and incomplete.

Bytes 25—34 must contain sRGB standard values.