Egoísmo Racional has 2 ratings and 1 review. Pedro said: Rodrigo Constantino analisa a obra de Ayn Rand e resume os principais aspectos.

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They should be free to act in a selfless manner to help humanity. To adopt her philosophy wholly is, ironically enough, to abdicate one’s individuality, since she always insisted that her philosophy was “perfect” and had to be accepted in its entirety, exactly as she promulgated it.

I agree and enjoy most ideas discussed but i wished that it was presented in another way. She valued an individualist should be independent thinker, rational. Linha Gamer Voltar Voltar. Is it only moral that we also privatize them or have solely volunteer fire departments? Often, the argument is that ‘capitalism’ has failed, and therefore Rand’s philosophy is a failure as well.

Rand would say yes. Racionall para Impressora Voltar Voltar. So, a unique blend of thoughts emerge from raconal book on ideologies other than the writers’ self described egoism.

Those seemed to me questions which should perhaps have been studied in a dedicated book on politics I haven’t gotten around to Capitalism: Her view that government’s primary role is to protect the rights of individuals divorces the government from any involvement in economic affairs. If a man values productive work, his happiness is the measure of his success in the service of his life.


A Virtude do Egoísmo: o Princípio Racional da Ética Objetivista by Ayn Rand (4 star ratings)

Projetores e Telas Voltar Voltar. Always a champion of the individual and his or her rights, Rand takes a passionate, steaming dump atop the notion that an individual can be reduced to “the characteristics and actions of a collection of his ancestors” and “physical characteristics beyond his control.

Por nuestros intereses personales.

The truth, as in most cases, lies somewhere in the middle. If people cannot claim the fruits of their labors as their own, they are completely at the mercy It’s a shock value title because the book is really about individualism vs.

Good thing she cites her own works of fiction often racionsl back up her philosophy. I would recommend this book to people who would like to understand Objectivism more, but not to people who have no clue what it is yet. But Ayn Rand’s unwavering statism, regardless of the fact that it contradicts the basic egoisno of individualism, is a betrayal to the rest of the book.

She is worthy of consideration and her work has its entitlement within the discourse on the radical democratic subject. That said, I feel like Ayn Rand and I are defining the word socialism differently, as the bulk of what she criticizes it rannd is exactly the same thing that I criticize capitalism for.

eand Anything written by Ayn Rand has substantial merits. I rad to say that a lot of the ideas in these essays appeal to me. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


She had one of the most astute and utterly confident minds of all time. Also, so much of what the author described as egoism can be considered in the bracket of what we can actually define as altruism.

Welfare has become unwieldy, clumsy, massive and ineffective.

Egoísmo Racional

She says that the South lost the Civil War because it couldn’t compete with the more efficient, less racist, capitalist North. Rand attempts to create a foundation for individual rights, which she seems to think It is raciobal to know what to say about this book or Ayn Rand in general.

I will now discuss this further. I find this bridge between the two subordinates essential since it conveys a proper meaning. Luana marked it raciknal to-read Jun 23, Rand’s rant is half-inspiring and half-infuriating, half-practicable and half-impracticable, half-rational and half-irrational: A guilt-free guide on why catering to one’s own rational self-interest is imperative to one’s happiness.