La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional: Juan Cassasus: Books – La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional. Front Cover. Juan Casassus. Ediciones Castillo S.A. De C.V., – Education – pages. La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional (Spanish) Paperback – Import, 1 Apr by Juan Cassasus (Author). Be the first to review .

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Evangelina stayed with her grandfather.

Nuestras Voces y Herencia is a project dedicated to gathering and preserving the life stories of Yamhill County’s Latino community. Rare occasions I had problems. He recalls that the customers were very amiable with him and his business partners. The couple, who met at a party when they were thirteen years old, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary next year Each group had different districts in which they attended school: Campuzano and her husband lived there with their three children for more than two years.

She was born a twin, though her twin brother died three months after birth of pneumonia. At the age of ten, he moved to the United States with his family and was reunited with his father who had moved to the United States before them.

Richardson used her Spanish-speaking skills frequently in her work, and she started a donation of books program in the Yamhill County Jail. It was a farming town, the majority of people worked in the fields, in stores, trading, etc. The interviewer inquires as to home remedies used during their childhoods. Por ejemplo, si alguien estaba pintando una casa, que era mala suerte caminar por debajo de la escalera.

Vigil worked at La Casa Nursery in Newburg for five years as an aide until it closed.

In the sense, then, selects what is important to us and our perceptions, thoughts, actions, and may be stored in our memory together with their corresponding implications. She worked with her husband when she could, but was housewife for much of her life. With the money, their families buy food and the necessities they cannot afford without help. She recalls that her grandmother, Librada Portillo, had no skills apart from having children and so her children, including her mother, had to work to support the family.


She says she was tired of suffering and wanted to seek job opportunities and a better life. Vigil reflects upon how the Latino community has grown a lot in Yamhill County and that she used to know all the families but she no longer does. Today, she lives in McMinnville and works at Meggitt Polymers and Composites, she has been there fifteen years. No trivia or quizzes yet.

La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional : Juan Cassasus :

She recalls emoclonal her grandparents met in Arizona, her grandfather worked as a coal miner and was a loving and devoted father of ten children and he was a wonderful grandfather. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Her mother was a homemaker and her father worked as sef day laborer. For example, when we say or felt tenderness, began to feel hatred, was with a feeling of great excitement, in this case the word sense sets a particular reaction that occurs through the experience of the individual. La Orden ayudaba indirectamente como sus votos dictan que su vida es para ser vivida dentro de las paredes del monasterio.

She changes the subject to talk about how difficult it is not to speak English in the United States. Arredondo then shares how in order to go to college he had to do everything on their own because his parents did not speak English. Since the yearthrough Bridging Cultures, Gingerich works with the Latino community and is better able to understand their perspective and assist them as needed.

La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional

He explains that he had to begin working at a very young age, but did not suffer and instead was happy because he had his parents and educavion supported him. Because you will not be a teacher these days if you do not like it. In the analyzed statements appears another elements at category 8 Affectivity related to Health and Education, which deals with the good feelings of affectivity or as contributors to the health of the persons teachers, studentsthrough a more positive learning environment, evidenced in these statements:.

Luckily, they quickly found a suitable place on Market Street juann a cactus in front of the building. The arrival of guests signaled the preparation of a meal and fiesta to follow.


Latinos en Oregón Oral History Collection / Colección de Entrevistas Orales,

She was a foreign language teacher ESL and helped him to find a job and to be admitted into university to become a teacher. He taught the nuns o play the guitar. Teachers did not speak any Spanish either.

Another way to understand the affection and feelings directed Health in an educational context, in the narrower sense, it would be:. Toda su familia y educavion amigos ayudaron a construir a la casa.

Nia marked it as to-read Jan 27, After the military, Gaspar joined the National Police for a educxcion and a half until he came to the United States when he was twenty-three years old approximately Also, that even if one suffers, one can achieve their goals and enjoy your life. Patricia Ortiz y Emmanuel Robles, madre e hijo, empiezan la entrevista hablando de sus familias.

Vigil explains that she later quit her job so she could pursue a degree full time at Western Oregon University from which she received her teaching license. He lived with his casasssus in educaciion Texas and worked in the fields until he was drafted to the army in She says the people in Honduras treated her like family, something that was very different from the first experiences she had when she returned to work at the school William Knight in Canby, Oregon, in He recalls that crossing the border at ten years of age was a scary experience, but also full joy due to the opportunity to see his father.

Have joy when I see a motivated student, or right desperation and powerlessness to educcacion certain aspects of education in our country.

This happened when her daughter came home from school one day and gave Evangelina a form to apply for the program. Empcional comenta de la importancia del programa Juntos y del impacto positivo que ha tenido en su familia; especialmente en la vida de sus hijos. I understand as well [