The EasyOne Spirometer is the Number One portable spirometer used in Australian Hospitals. The EasyOne Spirometer utilises digital ultrasonic flow. EasyOne™ Test Modes and Parameters. FVC test: FVC competitors: (turbine, Fleisch, pneumotach, heated wire). EasyOne. The new standard in spirometry. EasyOne® Air is a flexible, accurate and proven spirometry solution designed for healthcare providers large and small. Utilizing TrueFlow™ technology, this.

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The first in line for newly published predicted values: Ultrasonic flow measurement eliminates problems associated with traditional methods of flow measurement and makes the EasyOne spirometer a fast, reliable and accurate diagnostic device. Contact the ndd team. What are spirojeter options for printing results from the EasyOne Air? Looking for more information? We do not recommend a specific schedule for calibration checks.

MooreMedical is now McKesson

Use this form to get in touch with our sales team! What consumables are required spiroometer the EasyOne Air spirometer? For more information on the EasyOne spirometer please refer to the list eassyone downloadable files on the bottom of this page.

The large, easy-to-read screen on the EasyOne Air makes interacting with the device very simple and the results print-outs are so concise and easy to understand that I find my students naturally gravitating to these devices.


We are also constantly working to expand our library of dedicated integrations.

Curious about current promotions? Jensen and Peter G.

Use this form to get in touch with our sales team! Email us today and hear back within 24 business hours. Please consult our Printer Compatibility List including thermal printer options.

You can find the product specification on the respective product pages. Respiratory Care Journal ;51 Complete pulmonary function devices. I would like to receive email notifications for free software upgrades. Custom Provocation Protocols Customize available standard provocation protocols for your needs or create your own. Protect your patient information. BTPS Correction is used to convert flow and volume measured at ambient conditions to the conditions within the lungs.

All EasyOne products are designed to require no calibration and only minimal maintenance.

Contact the ndd team. To get more detailed information about the supported parameters, age range, ethnicities and height range of each supported predicted set, please click easone. I understand that my personal data, entered in the contact form, will be used to answer my request. Enter your question or comment here EasyOne Air – Simple.


EasyOne® Product Line

I’m interested in receiving promotional emails from ndd. Where can I purchase the EasyOne Air spirometer? However, within the industry, there are published standards where recommendations and requirements for calibration verification are set.

We would be happy to work with you to configure an interface for your particular EMR system. This means that no cleaning is required between patients, and no calibration, ever.

How did you hear about ndd? Detailed information on how this data is used can be found in our Privacy Policy. Encrypted database User authentication with automatic log off User permission levels FDA Approval in with cyber security documentation. I would like to receive email notifications for free software upgrades.

This makes the EasyOne Air one of the most mobile spirometry devices on the market. A fully-charged battery can support the performance of approximately spirometry test sessions. One single user interface for all devices Simple software installation Free lifetime updates.