MACROECONOMICS. Matthias Doepke. University of Chicago. Andreas Lehnert. Board of Governors of the. Federal. Much of macroeconomics is concerned with the allocation of physical capital, human Doepke and Kindermann, w Bargaining over Babies: Theory. Macroeconomics by Matthias Doepke, Andreas Lehnert, Andrew Sellgren – free book at E-Books Directory. You can download the book or read it online.

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We use the model to assess the impact of the war on female labor supply and fertility in the decades following the war.

One of the key social transformations that accompanied the Industrial Revolution was the economic decline of the aristocracy. Even though the overall pattern is repeated, there are large cross-country variations in the timing and speed of the demographic transition.

We assess the merits of different education systems in a framework that accounts for the joint decision problem of parents regarding fertility and education. Tiger Moms and Helicopter Parents: We conclude with an analysis of macroeconkmics role of the family as a driver of political and institutional change. We discuss the two-way link between culture and economic growth. Does this imply that targeting transfers to women promotes economic development?

Apart from influencing fertility, the policies also have large effects on the evolution of the income distribution in the course of development. A podcast on Radio France by Charlie Dupiot: The empirical literature on monetary policy shocks documents that contractionary shocks are followed by a persistent rise in interest rates and a persistent fall in output. A non-technical summary with a discussion of policy implications: Hence, international labor standards and product boycotts may delay the ultimate eradication nacroeconomics child labor.


Origins and Consequences of Child Labor Restrictions: American Economic ReviewSeptember Aggregate Implications of Wealth Redistribution: We argue that one major cause of the U.

The theory generates a “reversal of fortune” between colonies with many and few oppressed: The effect is amplified by the rise in taxes necessary to pay down wartime government debt. We develop a theory that rationalizes the use of a dominant unit of account in an economy.

The paper August Journal of Economic GrowthSeptember The main predictions of dooepke theory are consistent with state-level and micro data from the United States as well as cross-country evidence from the PISA study.

The political-economy literature on the evolution of women’s rights finds that technological change increased the costs of patriarchy for men, and thus contributed to expanding women’s rights. Different parenting styles authoritarian, authoritative, and permissive emerge as equilibrium outcomes, and are affected both by parental preferences and macrosconomics the socioeconomic environment.

Macroeconomics by Matthias Doepke, Andreas Lehnert, Andrew Sellgren – Download link

In these notes the author will describe how to use standard neoclassical theory to explain macroeconomiccs cycle fluctuations. We use a life cycle model with housing to compute the response of the U. Review of Economic StudiesJuly In addition, public schooling leads to income convergence, while private schooling can result in ever increasing inequality.

Money as a Unit of Accountwith Martin Schneider.

Macroeconomics by Matthias Doepke, Andreas Lehnert, Andrew Sellgren

To answer this question, this paper develops a unified growth model which delivers a transition from stagnation to growth, accompanied by declining fertility.

We develop a quantitative dynamic general equilibrium model with endogenous fertility and female labor-force participation decisions. We focus on two sources of asymmetries: Across countries, men usually desire larger families than women do. What’s in It for Men? We show that men may agree to relinquish some of their power once technological change increases the importance of human capital.


Parents expecting their children to become entrepreneurs have an incentive to instill these two values in their children.

We review a number of recent economic theories which analyze the transition from a preindustrial world characterized by high fertility, stationary standards of living, and rigid social hierarchies to modern capitalism.

In contrast, under an inclusive welfare function, which places additional weight on the welfare of children, child labor is always exploitative. We argue that even though the laissez-faire equilibrium may be inefficient, there are usually better policies to cure these inefficiencies than the imposition of a child-labor ban.

Matthias Doepke | IZA – Institute of Labor Economics

Northwestern University Department of Economics. Chapter 23 in Handbook of Macroeconomics, Vol. A discussion in Chicago Magazine by Whet Moser: Mentions and discussions of the paper at other places: As a result, doepks women who turn adult in the s face increased labor-market competition, which impels them to exit the labor market and start having children earlier.

In our model, women’s legal rights set the marital bargaining power of husbands and wives.

Parenting Styles and Economics. We also discuss empirical studies documenting the importance of culture and preference heterogeneity for economic growth. This study quantitatively assesses the effects of inflation through changes in the value of nominal assets.

A mean-preserving spread in the income distribution increases the fertility differential between the rich and the poor, which implies that more weight gets placed on families who provide little education.