I need to create tables with merged cells. Is this something that can easily be done with docx4j? If so does anyone have a nice example of the. You need to create the header and/or footer part, and then add it to the package ( and in doing so, create a relationship in the Main Document. Also, I am not finding any API [methods] or samples to create TOC in the I’d like to update that TOC with content that I’ve added via docx4j.

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Manipulation of the document works as long as I don’t insert this table.

Creating a document with some text The simplest sample is to create a new Word document and add a line of text to it. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Following leads to a corrupted output file:. First though, add a custom placeholder in the word template you created. The easiest way to determine how to add specific content is by looking at the XML source code of the word document. I am evaluating docx4j for our project, i need some justification if the docx4j is reliable and secure.

Programming: Beauty & The Beast : Using docx4j to generate docx files

Load in a template word document to add content to and save as new document First things first. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In this document you’ll need to add placeholders simple strings that we’ll use to search for and replace with real content.


Create complex Word (.docx) documents programatically with docx4j

To this table add 1 dummy row that serves as template for the content. This will return a java object representing the complete at this moment empty document. In this blog I will show some of the examples I created when trying out cretae library to create a docx document: All other code is the same as that of the previous sample.

With paragraphs and tables you can create many different types dofx4j documents and this nicely matches the type of documents that are most often generated. I tried the same sample SettingColumnWidthForTable posted by you and it is not giving the same output as given by you.

In this article I’ll show you a couple of examples you can use to generate content for word documents. With this piece of code we can fill arbitrairy tables in our word document, while preserving table layout and styling. We’ll replace this value with our name.

This same approach though can also be used to add other type of content to word documents. Setting the column width for a table import java. For the next example we’ll look at how to add a complete paragraph. The basic text elements in a docx4j are represented by the org.

Do we just need to manually update it? The final example I’d like to show is how to add tables to a word template. You can this with the following piece of java code:. This copy is added to the table.


I manage to generate report but now its Contents didn’t seems to generate. Finally you save the package line 3.

You must specify at least one word to search for. The code gen tool is available 2 ways: Thanks for crdate help once again. To this table add 1 dummy row that serves as template for the content. Inserting the runs in paragraphs leads to the desired result: A paragraph indeed looks like a big piece of text, but what you need to take into account are the linebreaks. If you run this with more content in your word template you’ll notice that the paragraphs will appear at the bottom of your document.

This is a utility class that will help us to create certain objects that we need for this sample, such as tables, table rows and table cells. This is for instance something you’d use to dynamically set the title of a document.

MarshalException – with linked exception: Create table with docx4j Ask Question.