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Adequate corrosion protection may be provided by preloading of rigid end-plate connections or bysealing of joints. All wires forming a tension member shall be of the same characteristic strength. When considering compression and shear, no such allowance need be made in the following cases: I sections in the plastic state Where doubly symmetrical I sections are of constant djn strength over their cross section, the following conditions may be applied to verifythat the limit stresses are not greater than the internal forces and moments in the plastic state: In penetration welds or partial-penetration welds, an increase in resistance may be assumed dinn.

Fillet welds may only be taken into consideration in theanalysis if 2 is equal to 6,O a or more but not less than 30 mm. This also applies for the welds listed in line 4 if these cannot be checked, unless any possible deficit is counterbalanced by overfill of the weld?.

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Since,for convenience,the factors in tables 16 and 17 have been rounded l two significant figures, o slightly different values will be obtained if, in borderline cases, the general interaction equations with all three action effects DihN and V are applied to special cases.

Welding of added flange plates If an analysis of the end connection of flange plates is not required, added flange plates shall fin fixed as shown in figure 7a. The stranding factor, ks, makes dib for the effect of stranding on the breaking force but not the influence of the anchorage.

This does not apply in cases of continual load transmission. Corrosion protection shall include not only the overall protection of surfaces but also specific protection against localized corrosion.

If the yield strength at a plastic hinge is higher than the limit axial stress, o Rd obtained by means of equation 1 which is a lower limit, the stress 3occurring at the plastic hinge will be greater than the corresponding lower lirnit.


Guideline moduli of elasticity at the point of variable actions, EQ, in high-strength tension members 5. In the absence of sufficient data, fractiles shall be estimated.

In the DIN series of standards, for example, s denotes web thickness.

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Applied to bolt a as shown in figure 22,forexample, the sum of limit shear resistances for both shear planes,the sum of the bearing resistances in the two cover plates witha hole edge distance,e,and the limit bearing resistance in the inner plate O with pitch e shall be calculated. Greater deformations may occur where hole clearances are greater than 1,0 mm e.

Stresses include internal forces and moments, shear in bolts, strain and deflection. Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts. An ultimate limit state ein as specified in item is not required in the zone of load transmission. The preloading of connections in tension e.

Resistance to slip may also be verified by the method specified in clause 6 of DIN Part 1. In the case of full-lock coil ropes,elasticity dln not less than 0,66times the breaking load and thus not relevant to the analysis. Local instabilities may be especially frequent in thin-walled members. To be clear and complete,drawings of members shall include the following: In the literature, limit internal forces and moments are sometimes quoted which prevent static equilibrium. Visible corrosion is often a sign that failure is imminent.

This standard is not included in any packages.

This is not necessary in the case of preloaded fitted frictiongrip bolt connections. If the theoretically required length over which the added flange plate is connected 1880-01 larger than this, the flange plate ddin be extended beyond the theoretical point of connection; if it is smaller, and thus the flange plate makes no structural contribution, it still requires to be secured.

The use of fitting 1880-01 may be necessary to accommodate lateral pressure. The tension occurring as a result of external loading is attributed whollyto the bolts, i. Where there is action ein more than one variable load, A u may be calculated separately for each. Characteristic values include those of loads occurring during the construction phase e.


Where earth pressure plays a pari in reducing stresses, it shall be assigned the following design value: If control of permanent loads means that there is a reliable guarantee that they will be maintained within their iimits,YF may be assigned a value of 1,05 if stress-increasing or 0,95 if stress-decreasing. Thus, for each bolt, the following shall be calculated: See item dib suitable steel grades.

Partial safety factors for calculation of design strengths in ultimate limit state analysis Unless otherwise specified in other standards, the partial safety factor YM shall be assigned a value of 1,l The self-weight factor,w, is a design value which takes into account both the mass of the wires and the corrosion protection provided.

Item shall be taken into consideration.

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Explanatory notes The revision of the content of the DIN 18 series of standards has been accompanied by a redesign of their layout in an attempt to improve their clarity and make them more 18800-1 to use.

Guideline moduli of elasticity of full-lock, non-preloaded coil ropes made from steel to DIN 17 Part 1 In figure 2, is the modulus of elasticity after initial loading to attain U G ; is the modulus of elasticity in the zone of variable EQ 18800- is the modulus of elasticity governing cutting to EA length; is the modulus of elasticity during construction EB work; is the stress due to permanent actions; UG is the stress due to variable actions.

If, in the ultimate limit state analysis of the net cross section, the axial stresses are lower than the limit axial stress, of the material making up 81800-1 component. Geometry of type A eyebars Type B: The use of yM times the design values of actions and the characteristic resistance parameters gives the same result as is obtained using dni design values of actions and the resistance parameters, provided that YU is assigned the same value throughout.

We have no amendments or corrections for this standard.