About the book. James Bond and Devil May Care, the Ian Fleming Centenary Novel, In the summer of , Sebastian Faulks was approached by the. Buy Devil May Care (James Bond) Reprint by Sebastian Faulks (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Bond is back in this electrifying new novel of intrigue and suspense. A masterful continuation of the James Bond legacy, Devil May Care picks up right.

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He also manages to capture Fleming’s brilliant prose style that made the reader eager to turn every page and not dwell on how silly things were until the end. The Stones were busted, and there was that famous leader in The Times. Here he is… quite flat. In the best traditions both sebbastian bad eebastian have distinguishing disabilities – Gorner has a deformed hand that looks like a monkey’s and Chagrin cannot feel pain – and the levels of sadistic torture and killing are so much worse than those that appear in the films Casino Royale excepted.

At first, he seems to be setting Bond up for this: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Sometimes I pickup a book because I want to extend my universe of new stories about familiar or well-loved characters. On an absolute scale, I am “lukewarm”. Sebastian did such a vare job at recreating the Bond mystique that I was hooked from the beginning. If you enjoy spy novels, do not miss this book.

Devil May Care (James Bond, #36) by Sebastian Faulks

Nonetheless, the villains behind the iron curtain made sense to me at that time in my life, so when Sebastian Faulks set his version of Bond back in that era, I was thrilled.


Writing in The TimesPeter Millar thought that “This is vintage Bond, in a very real sense”; [8] he went on to observe that the central figure was “Bond as Fleming abandoned him, shortly before his own death”. A ridiculous plan with ridiculous motivation?

Faulks resurrects the 60s James Bond”.

Devil May Care

I must point out now that Bond books should always be written by an Englishman Fleming estate, are you listening?

He is easily captured and held prisoner, but also difficult to kill. Where Faulks went wrong was in churning out a Bond novel made up of other Bond novels. Others have noted and I concur that as the first few movies came out it influenced the way that Fleming wrote the final installments about Bond. The detailed description of food, clothing, place. So in book-writing circles, there must have been little angry hisses when literary lion Sebastian Faulks was faulms the dream job of resurrecting James Bond, after so many hack writers have failed abysmally down the years.

View all 3 comments. Not saying anything more!! Jun 11, Ed rated it really liked it Shelves: The one other character whose further exploits I have read in a fairly consistently is of course the Cold War creation of Ian Fleming: Bond here is a superman.

This James Bond novel has been penned by Sebastian Faulks. Espionage Mysteries Crime Mysteries Audiobooks. A stellar edition to the Bond oeuvre. The villain holds a grudge against Britain, and the litany of imperialistic wrongs he despises Britain for are not invented. It’s short enough at 7 discs, but never rises above average and it nowhere near as much fun as a Bond movie. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. But for the ordinary pastiche the quality depends solely on the new authors ability to “ape” the style of the originator.

In some cases, it should never be done: There is a side-lot that places Bond just after the events in “You Only Live Twice” and Bond suffers from doubt and angst. Faulks wrote the book in the style of Fleming, and the novel carried the credit “Sebastian Faulks writing as Ian Fleming”; he also took the same timeframe as Fleming, setting the novel infollowing the events in Fleming’s last novel The Man with the Golden Gun.


But in those years, much of Bond has remained a cipher. Faulks has managed to capture much of the “Fleming Sweep” and style and may very well turn into the best “continuer” of the series.

Take a tip from J. The author does try to twist the story around a bit I mean more than just substituting drugs for gold. I started it yesterday. The This sticks a little too close to the Bond formula at times nasty villain intent on world domination, improbably narrow escapes, sexy female companionbut mostly it’s a very faulkss read.

I think he succeeded – he definitely did his homework. The game takes up about ten pages.

Nice try, Mr Faulks

On the mayy all the raulks tend to be less “ridiculous” than the movies since the pyrotechnics are merely ink and paper. Otherwise how can we have a jolly good adventure? Granted, the past books were pretty flimsy but still, I would have to say that hitchhiking out of the Urals is a pretty tall order for Bond, and the main villain’s uncanny ability to find him on–wait for it–a riverboat named The Huckleberry Finn in Paris, is simply impossible.

As others have pointed out, Sebastian Faulks is the 4th author to carry on the Bond series since Fleming died: Thanks fauoks telling us about the problem.