Leading this initiative is Jeffrey Zeldman as part of the WaSP organization. Designing with Web Standards covers the ultimate mark-up efficiencies that work . Designing With Web Standards has ratings and 80 reviews. Craig said: Forward-compatibility. Reduced site maintenance. Increased extensibility. More. Jeffrey has written two books, notably the foundational web standards text, Designing With Web Standards, currently in a 3rd Edition coauthored with Ethan .

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Everybody else calls me the godfather. Designing and Building with Standards.

Designing the Web with Jeffrey Zeldman

Rather than like Renzo Piano. Initial Problems with Keyword Implementations.

Prior to the web standards movement, web page developers used invalid, incorrect HTML syntax such as “table layouts” and “spacer” GIF images to create web pages—an approach often referred to as ” tag soup “. When they became a streaming service, they were like, “People are really watching these old TV standadds and all of this content we didn’t create. I didn’t have a community of people to work with or talk to.

It’s bad for the user. There was no other way to do web design except with invisible pixel divs, spacer GIFs, setter tags, and table layouts. The Cost of Design Before Standards.


Charles Dickens was the first novelist to tell simultaneously, “What’s happening to little Nell? Even if the client says, “Nobody uses mobile,” most people in our business say, “It’s really up to the user how they’re going to access the content. Not just legible, but it invites reading. How can we deliver that experience to them?

Designing With Web Standards

We’re not just tangental to that, but we’re an important component of that. First half deals with the problems, second deals with solutions using web standards-based approaches. Yet, they interrupt it with ads for other satndards or going to someone else’s site, because they’re making money that way. Lot of theory and some code to help explain. Web Style Guide, 3rd edition Patrick J.

Designing the Web with Jeffrey Zeldman | The Web Ahead

I read 3rd edition and it’s just ridiculous: If it’s a social site where people create their own content, make it easy to digest that content. Let’s look at the data.

For episode of The Web Aheadwe have Jeffrey Zeldman, the Godfather of Web Standards or Web Design, depending on who you askto talk about the past, present and future of making things for the web.


We got up in the morning and the streets were clear. I think folks go right to Bootstrap or 50 other frameworks. What Is Cesigning Compatibility?

Nobody was clearing the highways and it wrb terrible.

Standards aren’t about leaving users behind or adhering to inflexible rules. They don’t let you customize it into a horror. They knew people liked him as a villain. But the idea that HTML needs to be semantic and accessible — that your site should work even if JavaScript fails or a script doesn’t load from a remote server — they still don’t get that. These bandwidth requirements were burdensome to users in developing countries, rural areas, and wherever fast Internet connections were unavailable.

Isn’t it high time you started designing with web standards? If you are in the web design and development field today it might be easy to look at this book and say “well of course! Sex of a certain kind. I think we assume that all of these systems are working independently.