As an active-duty soldier, McMaster probably felt compelled to accept the job out of deference to the commander-in-chief—whoever he or she. A Review Essay of H. R. McMaster’s. Dereliction of Duty. JAMES J. WIRTZ. Few events in recent memory have received as much scholarly and popular attention . The book was Dereliction of Duty, a published version of a recent McMaster’s subtitle was “Lyndon Johnson, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the.

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The French, the Americans and the Vietnamese who sided with them were simply on the wrong side of history. It was lost in Washington, D. The Joint Chiefs of Staff Every decision he made about Vietnam in these years was related either to getting elected inor keeping on mcmasterr good side of everyone he needed in order to get his Great Society passed.

Heres a guy who had a dry view of war effects until seeing face first and seeing what he has caused Feb 24, Susan rated it really liked it. I was determined to finish this book by the current National Security Advisor McMaster before he resigned or otherwise left the current administration. McMaster looks at how the U. I’m leaning to the belief that he will.

Apr 29, Steven Peterson rated it really liked it. Today, he risks becoming one. Johnson knew what answers he wanted to hear from his military and civilian advisers on Vietnam, and for the most part they complied by telling him what he wanted to hear.


H.R. McMaster’s ‘Dereliction of Duty’ – Washington Times

She perceived a straight line stretching from the long history of Vietnamese resistance to Chinese domination in the first millennium to the rise of Vietnamese anti-colonialism in the 19th and 20th century to Ho Chi Minh and the pro-independence coalition he led, the Viet Minh.

That is why South Vietnam collapsed when the U. It should be read in horror, and with a caution to all of us about how easy it is for those in power to lie, and how we all pay the price. Indeed, the loss of South Vietnam after the direct intervention of U.

The question that remains, what is the duty of the advisor? Retrieved from ” https: The overarching goals and strategies for the U. McMaster provides a devastating portrait of an administration derelixtion stumbled evermore into a war it had no interest in and no understanding of.

H.R. McMaster’s own ‘Dereliction of Duty’

I appreciate the need to speak truth to power and hope that belief follows McMaster through his current position. The New York Times. Johnson picked as his heads of the Joint Chiefs of Staff men who would agree with him and wouldn’t roil the waters, dere,iction these heads too would censor the opinions of the other JCS members before Johnson could hear them.

What are the limits of executive power in initiating military action? May 20, Ben Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: Our military strategy is indistinguishable from our delusional Vietnam strategy: The joint chiefs thus failed to provide the president with the best military advice available.


The result was a series of policy compromises that rarely had anything to do with optimizing military performance. All those dead soldiers Refresh and try again. Interservice rivalry prevented the JCS from speaking with one voice on Vietnam policy, which contributed to the parochialism over how the war was to be fought.

Click here for reprint permission. Any one service chief has to have some degree of professional loyalty to the president who picked him. Otherwise, it was a fascinating, while sobering, read and should be required reading of all active politicians to ensure we never repeat the stupid mistakes made during the ’60s regarding Vietnam.

Derelkction he changed his mind while on the way, reasoning that he would just be replaced.

What McMaster Gets Wrong About Vietnam – POLITICO Magazine

Joe Galloway self embedded reporter to the Battle of Ia Drang made their own observations of this book openly it is therefore hard to concede that McNamara did anything other than continue to hide and find excuses for the decisions that literally affected hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans and millions more Vietnamese.

Oct 03, Louis rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is a high standard. Maybe this is asking too much.