Authors: Buyung Hadi, Jeffrey Bradshaw, Jan Knodel and Ken Ostlie. Seedcorn maggot is the larva of a small fly, Delia platura. This fly is widely. Genus: Delia. Species: D. platura. Subspecies: D. platura. Scientific Name. Delia platura (Meigen, ). Common Names. seedcorn maggot. Delia platura (Meigen, ). seedcorn maggot. polyphagous. Delia platura: cephalic skeleton of 3rd instar larva. cephalic skeleton of 3rd instar larva (from.

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Delia platura

Certain crops direct seeded in cool seasons have been reported with infestations of seedcorn maggot in seedlings, a problem generally not seen during the summer. Adult bean seed fly, Delia platura Meigenon a leaf. Kessing and Mau recommended aging the manure and incorporating it thoroughly in soil before planting.

Like most websites we use cookies. Insect management in reduced tillage systems. Wan SY, Wan M, Late instar larva and pupa of the seedcorn maggot, Delia platura Meigenshowing seed damage.

Seedcorn maggot-induced damage is facilitated by early planting dates, heavy cover crops, and cool-wet weather Bessin Insect pests of economic significance affecting major crops of the countries in Asia and the Pacific region. It is a sporadic pest with cosmopolitan distribution, Higley and Pedigo on germinating seeds of many agronomic plants Funderburk et al. Hylemya platuraHylemya canaHylemya cilicruraHylemya similis and others.

Delia platura (soybean)

Museu de Zoologia, Universidade de Sao Paulo. Annals of the Entomology Society of America Monograph of the Biosystematic Research Centre.


Studies on the thermal constants and seasonal occurrence of the seed-corn maggot in Wisconsin. In cool wet seasons damage may be widespread. Distribution Back to Top Delia platura is the most widespread anthomyiid Weston and MillerGriffiths occurring on all continents except Antarctica Griffiths Japanese Journal of Sanitary Zoology, 42 1: Field observation on the bean seed fly seed corn maggotChortophila cilicrura Rond. Click the contributor’s name for licensing and usage platufa. Please consider a year-end gift to BugGuide!

Seedcorn maggot as a pest of field corn. Studies on the seed-corn maggot. This pest is closely associated with organic matter such as manure and plant residues. The two primary pltura that seedcorn maggot damages crops in Georgia is through reduction of seedling stands and contamination of the crop later in the season. Occasionally, seedcorn maggots tunnel within seedling stems and germinating seeds Funderburk et al. It was also recommended to drag a chain behind the planter to remove any seed row moisture gradient which otherwise could attract oviposition by adult flies.

Reports of actively feeding seedcorn maggots increase during years when the spring is comparatively cool and plaura and seeds germinate slowly ReidMiller and McClanahan Ecology of the cabbage maggot, Hylemya brassicae Diptera: Metamorphosis in the puparium lasts weeks. This fly is nearly identical to the cabbage maggot fly Delia radicum and the onion maggot fly Delia antiquabut it becomes active earlier.

Delia platura (soybean) – Bugwoodwiki

In contrast to initial concerns, the adoption of conservation tillage practices has not increased seedcorn maggot injury. Anthomyiidaeduring the whole year.


They complete their entire development within the soil by burrowing into seeds or feeding on cotyledons emerging from seeds Bennett et al. It also attacks a wide range of horticultural crops including beans Phaseolus spp.

Injurious insects on asparagus in southern Africa.

Finch S, Collier RH, In males, in the hind femur, only around posteroventral setae are present. More information about modern web browsers can be found at http: Pont, ; EPPO, When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status.

Studies on the biology and control of the seed-corn maggot [Delia platura]. Overwintering of the seed-corn maggot in the Tokachi District, Hokkaido.

Entomology Collection > Delia platura

Adult abundance of plxtura maggots varies geographically and seasonally Funderburk et al. Females in temperate regions hide under wood and other sheltered habitats to avoid high temperatures, but there is no evidence of aestivation Harukawa et al. Informe Agropecuario, 23 Seed-corn microorganisms stimulate seedcorn maggot egg laying.

Delia platura Meigen ; bionomics and its resistance to host plants.

Bournoville R, Cantot P, Previous names for this insect include: Seedcorn maggots deposited significantly more eggs near the base of newly emerged seedlings when given a choice of five different stages of developing soybeans Ibrahim and Hower