Decadence Mandchoue: The China Memoirs of Sir Edmund Trelawny Backhouse, ed. Derek Sandhaus. Paul French. Uploaded by. Paul French. DÉCADENCE. Décadence Mandchoue has 34 ratings and 4 reviews. Linda said: Decadence Mandchoue, like its author, Edmund Trelawny Backhouse, is sui generis. Published now for the first time, Décadence Mandchoue, the controversial memoirs of sinologist Sir Edmund Backhouse, provides a unique.

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Books by Edmund Trelawny Backhouse. Makes for a decaddence read, indeed. The Wisdom of Confucius. Hoeppli saw Backhouse a sick and aged man in a Peking then occupied by the Japanese and a hollow shell of its former self as irascible for sure, distant and out of touch with the politics and ideologies of modern England and Europe probably, but far from a close up and personal supporter of the Axis powers.

A History of Chinese Literature. Some content supplied by. A third way to read the book, as neither a historical narrative nor a source of historical details, is purely as entertainment. He also presents himself as a confidant of, among others, Cixi and her chief eunuch, and writes of the favors requested of him as his influence within the court grew. The Dragon King’s Daughter. The Analects of Confucius.


Grande conoscitore di trame e retroscena politici o millantatore falsario e narcisista?

Decadence Mandchoue

Hans-Joachim Stark rated it really liked it Jun 26, None but the Nightingale. The book cover to look for in Shanghai starting this weekend. Love and the Turning Year. The Wallet of Kai Lung.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Vitalii Prystupa rated it it was amazing Oct 13, Chinese Fairy Tales and Fantasies. Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio. Foton Peng rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Item s unavailable for purchase.

Decadence Mandchoue’s Sir Edmund Trelawny Backhouse | CNN Travel

Aug 11, Emmapeel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Surely no surprise to us in the post-Lady Di generation. The text also contains some non-sequiturs and implausible motivations that read like the contrivances of a porn video.

Malte Blas rated it really liked it Jan 16, mandchour In Backhouse, as with all of the above, we have a true and dedicated aesthete in our presence.

No embellishment, no gilded lily, just pure invention; or at least exaggeration. Jan 30, Michael Flick rated it it was ok. The Sayings of Confucius Decwdence Edition. But, Sandhaus argues, the germ of truth is always there. Backhouse said many things – about politics, about China, about mandcyoue British, about Jews, about everything – he was often boastful, sometimes plain wrong, occasionally daft and repeatedly contradictory. Patrick rated it it was amazing Aug 24, But we had to get it all out there so people could make their own decisions.


Sacred Places In China. Backhouse wrote in arch Victorian style, peppering his narrative incessantly with phrases in Chinese all of which are translatedFrench, Latin, Spanish, Italian, Greek, German, and Russian, and making frequent reference to literary works that aren’t likely familiar to modern readers–fortunately and unfortunately, these are all translated and explained in decadencw and hundreds of footnotes.

Decadence Mandchoue – Earnshaw Books

Since his death, however, it has been established that some of his sources were forged, though it is not clear how many or by whom. Dec 28, Andrew Galbraith rated it it was amazing Shelves: Isabel rated it liked it Jul 22, Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. Cremorne and the Later London Gardens. The Nanking Atrocity, However we had to get it all out there so people could make their own decisions.

Heaven Cracks, Earth Shakes. About Edmund Trelawny Backhouse.