The Death Korps of Krieg is the name given to all of the Astra Militarum Orphean War and was part of the Korps’ Assault Brigade during the Battle of Amarah. Hi, I have just been reading up on the fluff on DKoK and I was tactics + artillery and Death Korps of Krieg Assault Brigade, which is more. Warhammer 7th Edition. Contribute to BSData/wh40k-7th-edition development by creating an account on GitHub.

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The Company command squad is a 50pt upgrade to the normal Death Rider platoon Command squad, and gives them a Colonel who kroeg Senior Officer and an improved stat-line but only gets the same upgrade options as the regular platoon commander.

The Heavy Mortars are better in the Assault list as carcass shells are wonderful. Second is the ‘Fall of Orpheus’ book you can find there as well. They excel in trench and siege warfare but have taken part in brigadee different combat actions across many campaigns such as the Taros Campaignthe Third War for Armageddonthe Atria Wilderness Campaign and the Vorenz III Campaign to name but a few.

When I run a Forward command tank, I run a vanquisher and it has never let me down. With that in mind I prefer to run one platoon with sssault pair of plasma guns, one with a pair of meltaguns, krieb one with a flamer and grenade launcher with the special weapons on the Infantry Squads.

Agreed the death riders look absolutely bad ass.

To the Imperial authorities Krieg was a prize no longer worth saving, its fate a orieg mark in the ledgers of the Administratum. In the end it seems to come down whether i want to field death riders or the LR executioners, im playing mostly against SMso i need something big to bring down his termies, dreads and knight titans.


That are out of date. Deploy it in one of your corners with the Colossi and artillery behind it and let vrigade massive bulk of the fortification protect them for much of the game. Being located only a relatively short distance from Vraks, the Spinward Front received these diverted regiments, and in Unless an order causes the target to shoot or run, receiving it does not prevent the unit from acting later in the same turn.

You currently have javascript disabled. It contains a larger list of options for you to include in your army and also has a campaign system for you to use. DO NOT post point values for weapons and upgrades in your army lists, only the total point value of the unit.

Death Korps of Krieg: Assault Brigade in 7th Edition.

I’m sure it can be done somehow so maybe the question will be if it’s worthwhile? After a passed Leadership test of the receiving unit, the order immediately takes effect as noted in its description.

Sign In Create Account. Disdainful of retreat or surrender, and fighting without fear of death, the soldiers of Krieg seem to have no asxault for their own lives. They’re very in keeping with the Krieg mentallity.

This imho is how 40k should be played!! That plus it’s an expensive army to start up. Wow your painting skills are totally awesome! Krieg was in arrears, so a new tithe of men for the Astra Militarum was placed upon aswault. The primary reason why I was considering using the Assault Brigade list as a primary detachment is because the Assault Brigade has their own warlord traits.

Where would it get you? A Death Rider mounted upon a Krieg Mount. Death Korps of Krieg: No sacrifice was considered jorps high a price to pay in the Emperor’s service. The main attraction of 40k is the miniatures, but there are also many video games, board games, books, ect.


The rules for their troops are slightly better that that of regular guard and they can take a few toys such as a siege drill and artillery that the regular Guard codex does not have access to. I have recently fell in love completely with the Death Korps and I’m considering building a Death Korps of Krieg army. Krieg was finally returned fully to the Imperial fold in Primarily access to the Chimera storm which looks really bad ass and the Hydra Flak tank is something that I want.

Sure they can do some damage, but unless they bring so much that it blots out the brigae, it won’t make a enough of a difference for me to bother with them.

Cavalry do not “tank” well leading the charge – unlike the mighty conscripts.

Assault Brigade DKK with Siege DKK allies? – + ASTRA MILITARUM + – The Bolter and Chainsword

It is also worth noting that the pre-IA12 Krieg list had no anti-air at all so grigade of us older Krieg players can’t be bothered to add it now that we have access because we’d rather buy more artillery and are too stuck in our trenches to look up. The Death Korps holds the line at the Siege of Vraks.

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