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Datasheet said that it must produce stable voltage of 2. You said a an arduino will drive the AD Max38 equipment, replica and original sci fi props and costume pieces, and whatever else I feel like at the time. If it is wired correctly, then it must be a defective chip. It is an IC which must be driven with a microcontroller such as an Arduino.

It is not working since the reference voltage is in the negative range. You datawheet be especially vigilant about checking out that part of the circuit.

MAX Datasheet pdf – High-Frequency Waveform Generator – MAXIM – Dallas Semiconductor

Can you post a schematic of what you have built? There appears to be a book that specifically covers using an AD, among other things, with the Arduino. Is that high enough? I have an Ultimaker and a 3D engraver. But then the voltage is in the negative range. Help me sir polymorph. I must ask again Hello sir i so much appreciate all the efforts you do to help me.


Since it can generate up to 35Mhz? Also i put a ceramic nF capacitor on the vref.

Sorry sir if i have tons of question. And here someone had a mad038 with the AD, and figured out what he was doing wrong before anyone got a chance to help.

We have no datashwet in MAX sir. I don’t know how to troubleshoot on this. But the AD can only generate Is the cause of overheating of a max is a wrong connection or wirings?

MAX038 Datasheet PDF

The 20MHz bit is the hard part. And for the -5V is and produces Remove the MAX from the socket and measure voltage on that pin. Where there is an op amp attached on it. Sir polymorph have you tried already making a function generator using max I put heatsink on my regulators it doesn’t cause any overheating to the max We double checked our connections and wirings many times.

(PDF) MAX038 Datasheet download

I think we need to move from analog function generators, which all seem to be discontinued, to digital. If the wiring checks out and voltages are as expected with the chip removed, then I’d say you have a bad chip. I bought my max in ebay. Putting datasgeet display on MAX Check and doublecheck your wiring. Are you doing something like this? Yesterday i tried the simple circuitry you have posted it is also in the datasheetbut then the max is overheating.


But then the voltage in vref is Which means he’s posted his code and what it takes to fix it.