Curse of the Azure Bonds. Secret of the Silver Blades. Pool of Radiance. Dark Queen of Krynn. Death Knights of Krynn. Chrunpions of Krynn. Pools of Darkness . Dark Queen of Krynn Copy Protection Question and Answer Table. When)OU stan an ad\cnturc. lhe program \\Ill ask)OU a qucsuon. The ans\\crs arc prO\ 1dcd . Dark Queen of Krynn, The Manual (pdf):: The Dark Queen of Krynn is the third in a three-part series of Dragonlance Advanced Dungeons.

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STONE status means that the character has been turned to stone. Encumbrance is the total weight the character is carrying. Do NOT count section headings when looking up the word. See the Deities section in the Journal for more details.

Save often-especially after surviving really tough encounters. The Rule Book only shows the general menus.

Dark Queen of Krynn, The Manual (pdf) :: DJ OldGames

Next, you qufen choose a name for the character. Look in the Adventurer s Journal for more information on spells and magic. See the Viewing Characters section for more information.

Responding to her summons brings you face to face with the greatest threat Krynn has ever known. This command displays a menu to define the following character attributes. Quene returns the character to his original square, but leaves intact any damage suffered by the character during the canceled move.

  FWP - 150A PDF

Combat view occurs automatically whenever the party engages in battle. Characters accumulate wealth in the form of gems, jewelry, and coins as they go. See the section on Experience Points in the Adventurer s Journal for an aueen. See the “Encamping” section for a description of the available commands. To scribe, select any spells to be scribed into the character s spell book and select REST to actually scribe the spells.

Dark Queen of Krynn, The download

DELAY causes the character to hold his turn until after the other characters and kfynn have acted. Gems and jewelry cannot be used directly for purchase, they must be appraised and sold first. Insert image from URL. If the party is severely damaged, you may need to select FIX more than once. Magic To get the Magic Menu options, the active character must be able to cast spells. Using Menus All commands are menu-based, and menus are displayed either vertically or horizontally. After naming a character, you must select an icon krnyn will represent that character in combat from the 49 combat icons provided.

Items preceded by a YES are ready for use. Go to town not only to adventure, but also to purchase new equipment and magic items, and to rest and regain spells and hit points. This website uses cookies to ensure we give you the best browsing experience.


Highlight the items that the active character will buy and select BUY. Pages Images and files.

Dark Queen Of Krynn, The : Hall Of Light – The database of Amiga games

The party will engage in fierce battles, find treasures, and sometimes have to stop, recuperate, and memorize spells for future use during adventures. A dropped character is gone forever and may not be recovered. They never rush into close combat, even if all of their missile attacks are expended.

EXIT leaves the scene of the battle. Vertical menus indicate a character, item, or spell to be acted upon.

After selecting the spells to memorize, the computer verifies your choices. This command may not be available in some regions. See the Combat section for details about the Aim menu.