CRC Plasticote 70 Insulation and Protective Coating [ml],Price: RM,End time 1/29/ AM MYT. CRC Plasticote 70 is the Universal Protective Film for Printed Circuits. CRC Plasticote 70 is a clear protective lacquer, that is the Universal Protective Film for printed circuit boards. CRC Plasticote 70 is formulated to protect printed.

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Recommended for parts that will need subsequent dismantling, i. Can also be used to clean fibreglass bathtubs.

CRC : Plasticote 70

Great for tent zips and slider doors. Specially designed, patented applicators and delivery systems also ensure a successful bond. Select yourself to see only your informmation.

Loctite Super Glue is ideal for small bonds that are subject to daily use and occasional harsh conditions. Belt Grip Synthetic Belt Dressing When sprayed onto the plastocote of an orbital sander it helps the paper grip preventing the paper coming loose and greatly increases sanding efficiency by preventing slippage. Freezes chewing gum so that it goes rock hard and can be broken or chipped away.

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Continue to the New Zealand website. Has anti-fungal growth characteristics. Marine 66 Marine Lubricant Great for door locks, window hinges and catches around plasyicote area.


Fills the space between threaded parts and seals and locks at the same time. Allyseal is WANZ approved and will not damage powder coats. It is the brand of choice by leading civil contractors, infrastructure and drainage professionals.

CRC Plasticote 70 Clear Protective Lacquer 300g

Full Description Overview Description CRC Plasticote 70 is a clear protective lacquer that has been formulated to protect printed circuit boards from current creepage and short circuits. Permatex – Black Rubber Sealant.

It has excellent chemical and thermal resistance and offers less migration of liquid product after application. Nulla luctus malesuada tincidunt. You can also spray into exterior lighting plasitcote. Great for removing athletic tape, shining your golf clubs, and keeping fishing reels rust free. The longneck bottles are ideal for hard-to-reach spots, and the air-tight caps on Loctite applicators extend the usefulness and life of every formula.

High-strength, ready-to-use adhesive insulates, seals and caulks. Does not dry out or become brittle.

plasicote Strip-Off Paint Stripper Fast aerosol stripper which removes paint and varnish from most types of surfaces including paint brushes. Removes scuff marks from ceramic floor tiles, as well as crayon from walls. When sprayed onto the pad of an orbital sander it helps the paper grip preventing the paper coming loose and greatly increases sanding efficiency by preventing slippage. Great for cleaning dust and dirt of those hard to reach places, such as vents and light fittings.


Vivamus adipiscing nisl plazticote dolor dignissim semper. CRC and ADOS have a product for most marine applications including lubricants, corrosion protection, cleaners, adhesives, epoxy resins and sealants. Can also be used to dry things. Whether it’s a DIY project or the professional tradesman, there is a plastidote solution for every repair and maintenance application.

Can remove oil from hands, protects your tools from corrosion, and help clean metal surfaces. A fast curing, flexible silicone suitable for use in food preparation areas.

Corrosion Inhibitors – CRC Plasticote 70

The “wings” on the control bottles prevent your fingers from being glued together. Nunc facilisis sagittis ullamcorper.

Can be used when cleaning carpet, as well as removing oil stains out of clothes! Our Tool-Kit in a can is great for cleaning tar off your car, or even your daily runners. Proin lectus ipsum, gravida et mattis vulputate, tristique ut lectus.