The leaf of Costus pictus D. Don is considered as an antidiabetic in folklore medicine and is known to reduce the blood sugar, similar to insulin. PDF | To explore the micro morphology and physicochemical parameters of the leaves of Costus pictus D. Don (Costaceae). Macroscopy. Painted Spiral Ginger is a perennial herb, native to Mexico. It has long narrow leaves with a characteristic wavy edges. The bases of the sheaths are mottled with.

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Costus pictus – Painted Spiral Ginger

These results prove that C. In the present study, treatment with C. Int J Integr Biol. Treatment with the extract costis in remarkable improvement in thyroid profile.

Costus pictus ‘Red Stem’

Effect of Vitamin E supplementation. Effect of dietary wine pomace extract and oleanolic acid on plasma lipids in rats fed high-fat diet and its DNA microarray analysis. Monday, 31 December Ferric reducing antioxidant power assay Antioxidant capacity of C. Dr Sudha Rao, chief operating officer, Genotypic Technology, mentioned to Biospectrumthat, “When Dr Ramasamy told about the benefits of the leaves of insulin plant, we immediately got excited to unravel the probable mode of action quickly using next generation sequencing.

Biochemical and histopathological studies of the PTU-induced hypothyroid rat kidney with reference to the ameliorating role of folic acid.


Although induction of hypothyroidism by Costtus is a well-accepted method of creating hypothyroidism in experimental animals, it is still associated with certain limitations. Red painted stem enhances the beauty of the glossy leaves and strongly spiralling canes. Visit Our Digital Magazine: A review on Insulin plant Costus igneus Nak.

For detection and quantification, HPLC system was costys with a Thermo Fisher TSQ Vantage triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, operated with atmospheric pressure chemical ionization positive.

Effect of Costus pictus extract on tissue malondialdehyde levels measured at the end of the study. Hypothyroid group showed a profound elevation in both total cholesterol 1.

Malik R, Hodgson H. The possible active principles alpha and beta amyrins were identified and quantified in the extract through LC-MS.

Then, biotin-conjugated FT3 was added to costuz microtiter plates.

The possible active principles alpha and beta amyrins were identified and quantified in cosrus extract through LC-MS. A manual of basic technique. We found that C.

Ferric reducing antioxidant power; HDL: Effect of Costus pictus extract on tissue total antioxidant status levels measured at the end of the study. The glucose uptake was not enhanced by the extract of C.

Tumor necrosis factor alpha; TAS: Please note that comments are moderated and costys generally published if they are on-topic and not abusive. None, Conflict of Interest: Severe hypothyroidism was induced in rats by administration of 0.


Tell a friend about this flower! Thyroidectomized hypothyroid model was not used because in thyroidectomized rats there is danger of removal of associated parathyroid glands resulting in tetany. Insulin plant in gardens.

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Liquid chromatography—mass spectrometry analysis of Costus pictus extract The experiment was carried out using an Agilent Infinity ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography HPLC. Rapid colorimetric assay for cell growth and survival: Further investigations at molecular level are needed to conclusively prove the exact mechanism by which C.

All rights reserved Disclaimer. The beneficial effect exhibited by the extract on the aforementioned anthropometric parameters is mainly due to improvement in thyroid profile caused by the extract.

ccostus In comparison with control, PTU-induced hypothyroid rats exhibited a significant decrease in body weight.

How to cite this URL: Plasma ALT level showed an increase, but it was not significant. Plethora of human and animal studies have proved that hypothyroidism is associated with elevated plasma total cholesterol levels. A report on the antioxidant activity of leaves and rhizomes of Costus pictus D.