drives MV drives cover the medium and high power range up to 33MW with motor voltages from 3. Using proven technology from Converteam’s extensive. MV MEDIUM VOLTAGE DRIVE RANGEUSER MANUAL SECTION 5: This document is the exclusive property of CONVERTEAM and cannot be. Converteam – an engineering company with more than. years CONVERTEAM AT A GLANCE Converteam MV Systems.

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Receive Verified supplier details. Inwith Wholesale [ The gate drive described More information. Open the catalog to page 5.

Closing of main circuit breaker is completed without incoming bus disturbance. They present the advantage of a smaller, lighter and very robust generator than with a DFIG solution, while offering retention of existing nacelle designs, production lines, storage and transportation systems.

Thyristor based induction motor drive Variety of power configurations including I, CS90 and I and drive controllers Induction motor drives are still available from the Converteam Group. Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Table shows the typical ratings for variable torque load applications.

The existing technology is to keep several conventional power stations connected to the AC grid running at a low output level which wastes energy.

Gas station solutions CONVERTEAM World Leader in Power Conversion

Testing A comprehensive factory testing schedule is carried out on all MVs to give further enhanced drive reliability. Static Var Compensation systems SVC provide the most effective solution both in terms of cost and timely installation. Bl Motor Get Price. These software solutions provide system support at all stages —from initial design and programming, through installation and start-up on site, to long-term support m7v000 operation.


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A complete range of high performance drives MV drives cover the medium and high power range up to 33MW with motor voltages from 3. With the development of new power electronics components, high-power converters can be designed to build variable speed pump-storage stations with higher flexibility and efficiency. Electrical System, Network for Desalination. What is the proven basis for economic drive solutions that are fit for the future?

The CHPCi is also the core of our low and medium voltage drives family. The typical solution is the doublyfed induction machine with a converter feeding the rotor. Our high-speed solution is based on an Induction Motor technology called MGV with a squirrel cage and laminated rotor. A range of DELTA rectifier modules also exists designed to be used as the front end to these systems.

The CHPCi accommodates all the components of an automation controller into a single coherent unit:. International Journal of Engineering Inventions e-issn: Control the motor current is also important whenever power system grids are weak or the plant is located at the end of a long transmission line.


Baruah Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar. Pump-storage stations are the most efficient technology to store large amounts of electrical energy. The cycloconverter with a synchronous machine can handle perfectly very high overloads and field-weakening ratings. Converteam has a leading position in t he industry wi th the supply of variable speed drive systems based on medium voltage drives with VSI technology and with LCI technology.

Sigma Controller Get Price. Learners will also gain. Water-cooled medium-high voltage converter with max.

MV7000 Entering a new dimension for reliability and performance in medium-voltage AC drives

Excitation Systems Get Price. Generally used in high power low speed applications including steel rolling, mining vonverteam marine propulsion Utilise a range of power modules including MK10, MK20 and S Variety of regulators including Gemdrive Mv000 and Sigma – which can be upgraded to the latest PECe controllers Cycloconvertor drives are still available from the Converteam Group. By means of this measure, EMZ consistently expands its capacities in the [ Please enter your name.

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