Christine Clayfield is a best-selling author, Internet marketer, Entrepreneur, Infopreneur, Public Speaker and Book many years of being. The latest Tweets from Christine Clayfield (@ClayfieldChris). Businesswoman, survivor of #childcruelty, #bullying, #coercivecontrol and #domesticabuse my. Work from Home Ideas. Ways to Make Money from Home. Moneymaking Ideas & Home Based Business Ideas. Online and Offline Ideas for All Ages.

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I expected a business proposition, but instead, he tried to rape me.

SPEAK UP TALK RADIO NETWORK – Christine Clayfield Speaks Up About Her Life Story ‘No Fourth River’

It is by no means an easy choice to make nor a walk in the park. It started when she woke up from her coma and realised that if she wanted her world to change she had to do it herself.

She started her business empire with a small bank loan. What would you like someone who read your book to do? What is one thing you will never do again?

I am not going to give any spoilers but will say that I look forward to the next instalment. The next ones were not slaps but hard follow-up punches in my stomach.

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They say that your youngest years are also your longest; you are too new to realize the relentless pace of the world. She had left home and had no contact with her family. Make notes with ideas all day long Read a lot to learn and remember extra vocabulary Put in a lot of work What are the titles of the last two books you have read? But this family christinee not the typical loving family where the children are loved and supported and mum and dad love and support each other. These same individuals resent it when someone comes along and work for their success.


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Janine led me upstairs to a small, dark room cluttered with mops, buckets, empty bottles and other junk. She stumbled upon digital publishing and outsourcing on her road to Internet marketing success. Provide feedback about this page. I kept asking to be sent home during classes but I always got the same reply.

What is your message to any readers who use your book as inspiration? Extract of No Fourth River: How do you cultivate a positive mindset?

What was the reaction you received when people you know read your novel? How does your parenting style differ from that of your parents? You had no money when you started your first business.

What keeps you up at night? When Christine woke up from her coma, she decided to transform her life. How have your bad experiences left their mark in your everyday life? Christine ended up with a disfiguring injury that marked her for life.

How did your positive mindset affect you in changing your world around? She suffered alone, in silence. In No Fourth River, Christine lays bare the events and consequences of her past, but the novel also highlights one of her goals: Chips cooked the Belgian way with steak and salad for main meal. Men from the bar started to take me to their homes but it was never a satisfying experience for me.

There was so much trapped pain and misery that it had to go somewhere. The Tiny Dirty Room I walked for what seemed like hours, wandering from house to house trying to find a pub friend who could help me.


The stranger I knew well became the new me. How did your violent marriage influence your later life? The walk of shame punishment Christine talks about her boarding school days: How did you know it was true love?

What was the trigger? Marriage did change Harry but not in a good way. What was THE turning point your life?

Wetting the bed overnight when you are still young is quite common, but for Christine Clayfield it was something that made her life a nightmare from an early age and plagued her well into her adult life. I come from a background of christune abuse, both at the hands of my father, a wealthy and well-known businessman in the diamond industry and at the hands of the authoritarian nuns lcayfield my boarding school.

Who do you want to read this book?

Christine Clayfield

What most people know about me is that I have built several successful businesses and written 6 books, 5 of which are business books. She comes from a family with no love or affection and had no idea what love really looks or feel like. With nothing but a little bag of personal items with me, I felt foolish for not taking anything of real value.

In your opinion, do you think that a person can mentally heal from the scars of their abusive past? The windowless room was cold and dark. Painful experiences can completely disconnect you from your feelings and the person you truly are, and worst of all, neglect your most crucial needs.