Deluxe by Dana Thomas Bringing Home the Birkin by Michael Tonello Cheap by Ellen Ruppel Shell Overdressed by Elizabeth L. Cline All the Money in the. Critically acclaimed journalist Ellen Ruppel Shell uncovers the true cost–political, economic, social, and personal–of America’s mounting anxiety over. A myth-shattering investigation of the true cost of America’s passion for finding a better bargain From the shuttered factories of the Rust Belt to.

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So if I want to buy responsibly, and affect not just my level of household crap but discourage the trend toward “discount culture,” where can I find help? Ellen Ruppel Shell moves seamlessly between individual stories and academic scholarship to show how unprepared we are for the impact of digital technologies and new business models on our jobs.

I’ll just go to the Woolco and buy another one. Please provide an email address.


shell I finished the book and my first reaction was to feel completely hopeless. As Shell writes in the opening note to readers, her warning, “Cheap fuel, cheap loans, cheap consumer goods do not pave the road to salvation.

Because the staff did not need to be highly skilled, rates of pay declined. And now I never want to buy anything ever again. We don’t care where it came from or that we can’t pay for it. The manipulation of price can confuse us, block the thinking part of our brain and ignite the impulsive, primitive side, the part that leads us to make ruplel decisions based on bad assumptions. The author also looks at economics, pricing theory, and the psychology behind different theories.


Read this book and you will think twice before your next discount purchase.

May 19, Les rated it it was amazing. The effects of this insidious perceptual shift are vast: I love a good deal. Jul 11, skein rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: We read stories of sausage makers, firefighters, zookeepers, hospital cleaners; we hear from economists, computer scientists, psychologists, and historians.

And that’s why America is so effed up. What’s more, I gave it a fifth star because I will no doubt reread large portions of it and definitely pull some titles from the bibliography while looking up several of the articles and speeches listed in the Notes section. The second half gets to the real-life, modern day examples: Listen to the TOTN podcast.

The High Cost Of Buying ‘Cheap’

Sorry Goodreads is now another Amazon Possession. Taking a hard look at the impact of discounting on the family budget raises the inevitable question: Aug 09, thewestchestarian rated it it was ok.

She also talks about one of the earliest merchants to use discounts to sell huge volumes of goods: Her handful of well kept and durable clothes vs. To come across these charges leveled at a company that is not Walmart is sort of startling although the Bentonville Behemouth takes a beating in other sections.


However, it also forces more people into poverty by necessitating extremely low labor costs in order to turn any profit. Refresh and try again. We can demand to know the true costs of what we buy, and refuse to allow them to be externalized.

Ellen Ruppel Shell | College of Communication

This was discussed particularl Wow, this book made me feel bad about the fact that I was reading it while reclining in my IKEA bed. Robert Pollin, professor of labor economics, did a study just for you.

But according to Shell, traditional businessmen were positively scandalized by the ambitions of new retailers, who opted to make their profits by selling an enormous amount of cheap merchandise rather than a respectable amount of more moderately priced items.

Ellne I was bored with the narrative though. What is a consumer to do? What is more, she makes a deeply compelling case for how and where and why we must all pay attention.