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He had an epidural without success, then had to lay flat on his back for six weeks.

Beauty is a prerequisite to health. Al momento non ci sono utenti online.

In August 97 serious back pain, numbness and cramps were back with, in addition, a neck pain. She treated her patient as if she was suffering from a total lordosis.

She realised that the muscles acting on the back worked as a single muscle, forming a miofascjali of chain, which she described as a group of muscles joined together working as a unit, where the alteration of an element affects the whole chain function.

The body is not made up only of muscles, but only muscles hold the key to our shape. In both cases the knees are turned inwards even if they sometimes cqtene you the illusion of the contrary.

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In other words the chains are passively extended and then contracted without any possibility of shortening. Putting him in a position of hyper-correction the opposite of his distortions the pains vanished. In April 96 Gareth underwent two discectomies. These postures can look ridiculously easy and simple β€” until you are trying to hold them. An accurate postural examination is required to understand where the cause of the dysfunction is hidden, frequently away from the frank area of pain.


This posture proves to be too difficult for the majority of beginners who cannot sufficiently correct the compensations provoked by it. She learned to be patient and soon her kinaesthesia was much improved. The MCs defend themselves in turns, twists, bends, and kinks of all sorts.

She went back to the study of anatomy, a subject she had been teaching for ten years. At Marcoophysio, our experts in postural rehabilitation look at the various systems musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, vision and hearing and investigate how to improve their cooperation. Consequently beauty is not skin deep; it is, at the very least, muscle deep.

Because the muscles belonging to a MC are closely knitted together they are especially strong since the tone of each muscle adds up to the tone of all the others.

For this reason all forms of localised work must be completely ruled out. Gareth, a personnel manager, spent his childhood troubled with musculoskeletal dysfunction.

The shoulders are free but the spine is outstretched in an effort of maximum axial lengthening, active and assisted. Two years ago she and her mother came to me for a consultation. Vai alla barra degli strumenti Informazioni su WordPress. Souchard ritiene che le catene muscolari della statica siano prevalentemente due: Metodo MezieresMezieres – Official Page.

During a lifetime this can lead to serious pathologies: Mlofasciali the structure is unbalanced, the function will be secondarily disturbed. Imperfect shape is often considered normal because it is common.

Form is for the sake of function.

I also taught Gareth the basics of good use with the Alexander technique. The Mezieres Method is a revolutionary holistic method of postural re-education named after Francoise Mezieres, physiotherapist, who created it in after careful observations on the body mechanic.


In spite of these beliefs she decided to work paradoxically: Multi-joint muscles can have two or three actions. The following years were rich in new observations she could turn to practical use. If the posterior MC is not lengthened in its totality, taking care to cztene all compensations, the shortening finds ways to escape the stretch. He saw a chiropractor for three years with only a palliative effect.

Corso – Le Catene Miofasciali

cqtene But here the concavity escaped in a new place as soon as it was flattened. Alla catena posteriore appartengono i seguenti muscoli: Have you ever seen a square wheel? This posture is used to diagnose the condition of the muscular chains. It took her twenty years to thoroughly check the validity of her observations and to understand the bodily mechanisms brought to the fore.

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A scan showed two herniated discs and a disc protrusion. This is achieved by means of an eccentric static contraction of the MCs. New awareness and body sculpting.

Ne deriva che i muscoli statici andranno esercitati in modo eccentrico e quelli dinamici in modo concentrico. MCs shorten and stiffen immutably during our life, shortening our stature, twisting and distorting us in a thousand ways β€” the cause of a multitude catfne pains, from frozen shoulder to sciatica. The sessions are long and on a one-to-one basis, they demand sustained attention and physical effort from the therapist because the Muscular Chains MCs resist with force and cunning any stretching attempt.

Suppress these compensations and you will only encounter stiffness.