DIGITAL COMPASS WITH ALTIMETER. Instruction Manual. 1. Introduction. Features: Altimeter (m, feet). Digital compass. Barometric pressure (hPa, inHg. Manual gearbox. MAN/TEN: Manual tensioner .. Caja de cambios manual CIELO. 8V. – 97 A -PAS. +V/BLT. AVX10 +P-V/BLT. 5PK Manual de utilizare statie de calcat Bosch TDS Vezi intreaga gama de fiare de calcat.

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Install the CMP sensor and bolts. Page The information is stored in the scan tool for later reference.

Manual de utilizare router D-link DIR-615

Good luck with your search! Page D Stalling or low idle speed. Check for an open or a poor connection in the MIL control circuit and repair as necessary. Remove the front muffler. Page Total Misfire Current Counter Indicates the total number of misfires that have been de- tected in all the cylinders after engine cycles.

Message is being sent. Page N m 15 lb-ft. Go to Step 8 Go to Step 9 Is the test light on? Install the cushion and the gears. Install the upper left radiator retaining bolt. Inspect the engine block cylinder bore for wear, run- out, ridging and taper using a bore gauge.


Daewoo CIELO EURO III Manual

Install the IAC valve into the throttle body. Remove the EVAP emission canister. The G sensor will give correct voltages only if it is level and mounted securely to its bracket.

Disconnect the throttle position TP sensor connec- tor. Disconnect the fuel injector connectors from the fuel injectors. Tighten the idle air control valve retaining bolts to 3 NSm 27 lb-in. A leaking PCV hose may cause the following conditions: Slide the EVAP emission canister out of the track holder. Refer to Section 1F, Engine Controls. Such damage can im- pair vehicle operation. Inspect the crankshaft end play with the crankshaft bearings installed.

Replace the contaminated fuel. Page Tehnca the ACP sensor 5 vielo reference circuit for an open or short to ground. Take care to prevent damage to tehnuca vehicle by protecting the diode in the rectifier bridge from exces- sive heat while welding. Does the scan tool indicate that this diagnostic ran Go to Step 16 Go to Step 2 and passed? Tighten Tighten the camshaft gear bolt to 45 N m 33 lb-ft.

Install the lock ring into the groove on the driveshaft and insert the collar. Page Does the voltage measure near the value specified?


Install the intake manifold support bracket retaining bolt to the coolant distributor.

Inspect the bearing clearance for permissible toler- ance ranges. Page Does the test light remain OFF? Page Freeze Frame and Failure Records buff- rpm. Install the new ring in the slip ring end frame.

Page Does the scan tool indicate that this diagnostic has Go to Step 2 run and passed? Tighten Tighten the electric cooling fan assembly main mounting bolts to 4 N m 35 lb-in. Thoroughly clean the area.

daewoo cielo green used – Search for your used car on the parking

If the catalyst is functioning properly, the HO2S 2 sig- Heater electrical current is less than 0. A sensor should not appear tennica be lazy or catch up with the throttle movements. Tighten Tighten the front exhaust pipe-to-auxiliary catalytic converter nuts to 50 NSm 37 lb-ft.

Repair the faulty connections as needed. Disconnect the fuel return line at the fuel pressure regulator.