Team Rodent. Team Rodent · Buy it at Amazon “Team Rodent doesn’t believe in sleaze, however, nor in old-fashioned revulsion. Square in the middle is. Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World Production: A “deranged rant” is how Carl Hiaasen has aptly described his contribution to. Team Rodent by Carl Hiaasen – book cover, description, publication history.

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The book also talks about the strange, and at times, seemingly menacing secrecy of Disney and its operations. Many of my friends worked there, we dealt with the Disney machine on a daily basis. While I don’t believe Disney to be the devil, I do commend this man for telling the other side of the story. Even the biggest Disney fan has to say this is an honest review of the parks during that time.

That makes this an interesting read, with his bias clearly part of his story and his presence integral to a few of the anecdotes. It seems like Disney is actually pretty well behaved as far as corporations Carl Hiaasen has a chip on his shoulder – an obsessive hatred of the Disney Corporation.

Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World by Carl Hiaasen

His bone of contention is that Disney World is an ongoing crime of cultural, political and environmental pollution against his beloved home state. Without sleaze, the yardstick shrinks at both ends. Maybe one court case regarding poorly constructed houses in Country Walk. But here is where Carl may be happy because it is not all scripted and yes the sharks are real. But many of the stories told here — cf.


In the book he touches again and again on the not-so-happy-transformation Disney has had on Florida. The book is a little outdated, and I was acrl hoping for more Disney dirt, but it was still a satisfying read.

I grew up in Florida and lived for 4 years of it in Orlando, less than 20 minutes from Disney. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Team Rodent by Carl Hiaasen (Book Review)

rdoent No this is no bizarre joke it is the complex facade that is The Walt Disney Company. But what makes this more compelling is a detailed view of some of the inner workings at Disney and how antithetical they are to the image they project. At least it was so short it only took tteam hour of my time. The reason is obvious. This author hates Disney but he doesn’t really say why.

If it wasn’t dalmations, it would have been any other animal. Now, only 39 percent live there; the population has shifted strongly to the south and west. Team Rodent Buy it at Amazon. World Hiaassen The wild land that was once outside a small American city of Orlando is now grid locked with cars most days and the roads are all plastered with kitschy souvenir shops.


But Hiaasen saves his funniest lampoons for Disney chairman Eisner. Jul cadl, Hannah Polley rated it did not like it Shelves: What could have been more Floridian than wetlands?

Team Rodent by Carl Hiaasen (Book Review) – Miami Beach

We had a great family trip to Disney World. Mar 20, Sheryl Tribble biaasen it it was ok. The state tree of Florida is, after all, the greased palm. The tentpole also [ But I think his ma First, this is a very short book.

I found this book disappointing. This book starts out whining about how Disney brings in more tourists to the Florida Keys. When Walt was planning his theme parks, amusement parks were not pleasant and safe places. Dec 02, Bill rated it liked it.

Although the author does occasionally refer to primary source material Orlando Sentinel, etc. He brings to light hiaassen creepy business tactics, the cultish behavior, the third Reich mentality that those of us who have been close enough to smell the beast know is there.

While this is true on the most basic level, the blame for all of the sprawl really lies in the City of Orlando.