Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster is a national book by paleoconservative British American journalist Peter Brimelow. Thomas Sowell, Hoover Institution Alien Nation Also by Peter Brimelow The Wall Street Gurus: How You Can Profit from Investment Newsletters The Patriot. Peter Brimelow challenges this view in Alien Nation and in doing so raises fundamental issues of political theory. Brimelow begins by building a prima facie case.

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Sloan Foundation has written that it “can be described without exaggeration as revolutionary, a vir- tual discontinuity with all human history. Your fellow huddled masses accept this treatment with a brlmelow passivity.

Mises Review

One sur- vey of new Hispanic mothers in California border hospitals found that 15 percent had crossed the border specifically to give birth, of whom a quarter said that their motive was to ensure U. But as a practical matter the other requirements, usually in- cluding a job offer, had held down their numbers.

Johnson said, It was a brave man who first ate an oyster,’ and Peter Brimelow deserves acknowledgement for somewhat the sarnie sort of courage in opening up the immigration problem.

And do our new entrants even wish to be Americanized? Writing about immigration forced me to rethink my own attitude toward environmentalism, which like other financial journalists I had tended to view as just another excuse for government regulation.

No recent period can match that relative immigration rate. It may be a “Noble Lie,” the naton that the classical Greek philosopher Aljen thought rulers should tell in order to keep their subjects happy.


Of course, illegal immigration is a difficult thing to measure. So let’s adjust for IRCA. They tend to assume that some kind of natural phe- nomenon is at work — that Hispanics, for example, went from 2. That has American alieen at 51 percent in Small waves, chiefly from the British Brrimelow Indies, arrived at various points in this hation, mostly before the restrictions. Brkmelow Chart 11 has revealed another significant difference between the Great Wave and the post Second Great Wave.

One of my happiest moments in taping the three-part immigration debate television special for William F. Whatever else the IRCA legislation was supposed to do, it has quite clearly failed to control illegal immigration. This is simply a law of modern American political life. And even European immigration was carefully monitored, for example to screen out potential paupers and threats to public health.

Ironically, Pat Schroeder had been the rd critic to have the brilliant idea, when she got her free copy of Alien Nation from Random House chief Harry Evans, of pointing to our common British origins. Further increases legal immigration, institutes small immigration lottery for countries squeezed out by workings of system. We will pursue the issue of how immigration stands by comparison with U. And it also assumes that immigration continues at the present level.

Those who enter the United States education at taxpayers’ expense; further, they often at once count in affirmative action quotas, thus securing for themselves preferred employment. Clarence Wood, Chicago Tribune: There were a few unusual fragments in the American stew of He stretches the facts by suggesting that illegal immigration since has been “overwhelmingly Hispanic.


Just as Brimelow does, the Know Nothings had racial and political goals in mind — to ensure the nation’s ethnic purity and to reverse the perceived adverse impact that immigrants have on the political process.

He calls it “the flight from diversity. Yet the impact of immigration is clearly serious. Croix Review “Peter Brimelow’s skill in exposition conceals the magnitude of his achievement.

ALIEN NATION, by Peter Brimelow – The Unz Review

The second camp of population-growth watchers are contemptuous because they are optimists. And they just wanted a sou- venir photograph. But the whites were also reinforced by im- migration.

Even if its mother is a foreigner. And—this myth is really unkillable, no doubt because it so use fully frightens people alieen thinking about immigration policy— the use of intelligence testing played no real role in the restrictive legislation passed in the s. For example, in response to objections to the use of the term “alien,” Brimelow asserts that, as a former alien, “the United States had a perfect right to call me anything it wants.