: Breath of Magic: A Novel (Lennox Family Magic) () : Teresa Medeiros: Books. Breath of Magic: A Novel: : Teresa Medeiros: Books. Medeiros’s captivating style is evident in this enchanting time-travel romance about a woman who possesses a magical ability–and finds herself transported

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Feb 20, Kathrynn rated it it was ok Shelves: Medeigos 10, Leah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Quotes from Breath of Magic. Arian was developed well enough as a character, though Tristan didn’t really seem to be anything other than a hurt, rich young man.

Except some dialogue from the clothing store employee was unrealistic and bringing Tristan ONE glass of champagne with a strawberry when he clearly had someone with him. Looking mediros More Great Reads? Yeah yeah, I know, time travel doesn’t either, but that’s just a means to the meeting.

Breath of Magic (Lennox Family Magic, #1) by Teresa Medeiros

See all books by Teresa Medeiros. We’re introduced to her when she’s in the woods trying to take flight on a broom. Also in Lennox Family Magic.

Well-written with a ton of humorous moments and scenes that just make you sigh. He’s just deadset against her claim of magic and therefore treats her pretty horribly. While being tried and punished for witchcraft she flashes herself to New York city to a “prove you have magic and I’ll give you 1 million dollars” contest sponsored by Tr Had potential! I found this to be a highly entertaining read.

Hadn’t the creamy swell of her breasts tantalized every hopelessly naive kid in the theater into daring to believe her chest would rise just one more time? Jan 17, Carol Storm rated it it was amazing Shelves: After the prologue, the book began in Gloucester, Massachusetts in where Arian Whitewood is a “witch in learning” while living with a village of Puritans.


Wishing feverishly, she chanted a spell and vanished to the 20th century, finding herself in the arms of Tristan Lennox, boy billionaire, who, ironically held a competition to find true magic.

Beyond just being a love story, this is the kind of love story reresa draws you in. I love that this novel embodies what Teresa Medeiros is famous for.

Unfortunately the characters didn’t work for me.

Breath of Magic

We are experiencing technical difficulties. I liked the heroine, but the guy was terrible. Arian Whitewood has been raised to believe that she is a white witch, which spells trouble for her when her neighbors in their small Massachusetts settlement in accuse her of cavorting with demons.

My only problem is that the author made Tristan act like a total dick way too often. Not a great hero, to be honest.

I admit to losing too much sleep because I was reading. The heroine, Arian was adorable and you can’t help but like her. Jul 05, Amanda Galves rated it it was amazing. This book is different because the time traveler comes forward instead of going backward.

Time traveling stories can be tricky, but pro Teresa Medeiros handles it with ease. Breath of Magic My Star Rating: Inspired by Your Browsing History. About Breath of Magic From the nationally bestselling author of Fairest of Them All comes this bewitching time-travel romance that shimmers with love and laughter.

Medeiros is a clever writer. This prequel to Touch of Enchantment is delightful, funny and poignant. And because she’s a sweet, funny, playful witch wit A lovable French witch — a tormented computer billionaire — time travel — magic — it’s all amazing! Convinced that she’s a fraud, Tristan takes her under his wing as she has nowhere else nedeiros go – but also to prove that she’s faking everything and from there, chaos sort of ensues.


This was cute bfeath full of quirks! This book was just too slow for me. Jan 24, Patrid rated it it was amazing.

Teresa Medeiros E-Books Worldwide Breath of Magic

The unending loop of this made the story a little hard to swallow which, is unfortunate because the rest of the book was rather jedeiros I’d give this 2. Can we talk about how pretty the art for this book is? My only complaint is that the villain has a name like Wite Lize, or something like that. The magic that is this book wove its spell around me as I followed along. This was so much fun. I was disappointed when I thought it was going to end but I was thrilled that it was only an illusion.

Standard time-travel romance with a bit of magic. I really enjoyed watching them fall in love. My only problem is that the author made Tristan act like a tota Arian is a white witch from the s thrown forward to s New York City. Her innocence and curiosity will keep you laughing from beginning to end. Arian Whitewood has been raised to believe that she is a white witch, which spells trouble tersa her when her neighbors in their small Massac Tristan Lennox is a man with a hard shell.