i’m new to this equip. i bought the system used and did not come with any manual on the controller hook up, i use a powerd mixer to drive the. “C/”C I1. -. SYSTEMS. -. CONTROLLERS. OWNER’S GUIDE. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page BOSE C II System Controller. SKU: 6bdad67e14d1. $ Out of stock 2 . Share. Description; Reviews (0). SYSTEM CONTROLLER / W/SUB OUT.

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Radio AM, FM works excellent. Item is in good workings condition. Unit is not missing parts. Looks and Sounds Beautiful! Set the controller for Full Range Output, from the controller output to the amplifier input. Try this without the sub enclosure to start with. The original idea was to bounce the 8 drivers off the wall behind the speaker to recreate the indirect sound in a concert hall, with a single forward facing driver to give the “direct” sound.

I saw on this posting an example where the signal went from the mixer to the Controller and back to the mixer like a loop. Or the item simply does not work. The SB-2 is a lower priority becasue I may not need it after all if the controller does the job but if someone talented can help me I sure would appreciate it.

System Controller C Ampl/Mixer BOSE Corporation;

Bose Wave Music System. We went through and double checked that they turned on and basic functions appears to be working.


What powered mixer are you using? Missing original box and manual. Maybe you can check your own manual or mixer.

Clear your browser cache and cookies Then close the browser not just the window Open the browser and try again Thank you Please make sure that your profile is up to date. JackFXC May 1, 3: MEgamer September 14, To put it bluntly my friend they will sound poorly. Or should I run the Bose Speakers to the high freq of the Sub?

Hi – The Bose C Controller equalizes the speakers for optimum sound quality, and also provides a crossover. If it has a “master insert” many do you might be able to use that to hook up the controller.

Forum-Admin changed a disallowed word — please see our Terms of Service link at the bottom of every page. Hello, Could someone explain exactly what a Bose “controller” does please? From the mixer main output to the controller input.

Bose Solo 15 TV sound system. Yamaha’s wbesite is back up and I got the right manual. If you can let us know what powered mixer you are using, we may be able to help. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. There’s a world of music out there. Hey were really grateful for your help with the laney manual you found. Allow 24hrs notice before coming by to Will-Call Hours E.

Unit is fully functional. As long as you don’t clip the amps, a 1kw amp driving a couple of stacked pair of bose can sound remarkably good against the current opposition, especially so when you are comparing a basically ‘s design with the latest. I cannot tell the difference.

  AMS 7276 PDF

BOSE C II System Controller – Starsound Audio, Inc.

Skip to main content. I will call Tech Support. So many talented people. The controller operates at “normal” signal level, i.

Bose 802C II System Controller – for Parts

sytsem And it uses exclusive waveguide technology engineered around a high-performance woofer to produce deep, rich sound that can fill even your largest rooms. All of 5 Discs are working and has been tested one by one. I guess the multiple drivers reduced the “hot spot” that can cause feedback problems with live events. As a matter of interest it appears to be a glorified graphic of some sort adjusting frequencise for the BOSe speaker nuits – is that syetem NOT speaker level and needs to be inserted between before the power amp.

Finally, you’ll never receive email notifications about content they create or likes they designate for your content. The latest digital controllers not only have presets for practically every bose speaker, they are also a lot quieter and more accurate an eq curve, and also include some important additional processing such as limiting.

For portable products from Bose Professional Systems division like your syou can get tech support and other help by calling