Ecwid is a perfect shopping cart for Bluevoda Website Builder. To add Ecwid to BlueVoda website, please follow the steps below. How to. bluevoda website builder (TUTORIAL:How to Add FlashCLICK HERE for Video TutorialHer). BlueVoda is an offline website builder offered by VodaHost web lets you create new pages and add various elements and widgets simply by.

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This will return you to the work-space and you will see that the page you selected has been importedonto your work-space.

how to insert html code or javascript in web page maker 3 1

There are many, many effects to choose from. For example, select Set 3 for download — and save it to your Disk. Results 1 to 2 of 2. Click the Preview button on the top menu. The one exception is if you want to do file uploads. You will arrive at your work-space and will see your newly created form waiting for you. Select the type of link you wish to create, enter the destination URL for the link.

You can go ahead and add your HTML code here or alternatively, you can import code by importing anentire file. Open the dialog that will allow you to configure the properties of your ruler guides i. Your FTP Manager shows your knsert files on the left side You can make this option pre-selected. Youmust stick to numbers, letters and if required bouevoda and underscores. VodaHost is committed to helping you construct your first web page and getting you online as quickly aspossible.

You will be prompted to save any pages that you have changed without saving before you quit the program. Note that if linking to a page in your site, you should makesure you refer to the page with an. You can also select loop if you desire your flash element to repeat bluevpda over and over again. You can configure the grid as you like and if you turn on Snap to guides, elements will align themselvesto the grid.

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Select an image on yourweb page and then click the Hyperlink icon in the toolbar. Here you can organize the order of the menu items by moving them up or down using the [ Move Up ]or [ Move Down ] buttons. That’s ibsert you need to do to add a flash objects within the BlueVoda website builder.

Fixed Menu Bars -creating and editing with Bluevoda website builder

Select from bluevkda many menu-bar buttons styles available from the Image section. Again, we wish you the best of luck! This button will enable your visitor to go back in your form and edit hisinput before submitting again. Lock Locks a selected website element eg.

Click Show Grid to enable the display of the grid. Here you can edit the man attributes of the form.

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Initial Website Building SetupWhen bluevoea launch the BlueVoda website builder, you are presented with a list of three options: At this point you should besaving inserg pages in the. To lock an element in place on your website page, simply right-click on the element that you wish to lockand select: Checkbox Add a checkbox to your form Combobox Add a combobox to your form Bluevoa BlueVoda website builder is brought to you by: Read the Text Version.

Distort Cylinder Add a cylinder effect to your selected image Fish Eye Add a fish-eye lens effect to your image. Notepad Paste in Place Pastes the copied element in the same position that the element was copied from i. View the HTML code that defines a particular cell in your table.


To get started, click the iframe icon to add an inline frame to the page. It’s as simple as bluevods you are now able to add inline frames in BlueVoda. Exit Previews your active page in the web browser that you have selected as default for your system e. What BlueVoda Includes 4. Getting Help and Support 8. When the element is pasted into the new location, the original will be deleted. Now that you’ve given some serious thought to how you want your web site to look and what you wantto include in it, you need to decide on a name for it.

At this point, use your favorite zip utility program eg. When you click it a Dialogue will open and request the path to the file that you wish to clone.

The BlueVoda work-space has many menus and toolbars. Radio Button Add a radio button to your form. Hit the [ OK ] button when you are done editing your preferences to return to the workspace. You can configure the appearance and format of the text links. When you click the Add Decide if you wish to import the page from your local computer or remotely from an online location.

Lastly, familiarize yourself with BlueVoda before you start using it. Ready bleuvoda use Java Scripts We recommend you watch these tutorials thoroughly before you begin to use the software, to make yourself more accustomed to the work-flow. Used to facilitate the publishing of your web-pages to the Internet via VodaHost’s servers.