Chicago private eye V.I. (“Vic”) Warshawski needs all her strength and ingenuity to deal with the tragic effects of discrimination past and present in this riveting. V. I. Warshawski explores secrets and betrayals that stretch across four generations in this New York Times bestselling novel from one of the most. Blacklist is a novel by crime writer Sara Paretsky featuring her protagonist, Private Investigator V. I. Warshawski. It won the Crime Writers’ Association.

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My only criticism is that Paretsky seems a little soft on cops – especially given recent revelations that the Chicago PD had a special sra into which they “disappeared” their victims – mostly Black – to beat and torture and extract “confessions. I particularly like the way the detective’s circumstances are constantly changing in a spiral of changing clients, accusations, clues, and possibilities. He broke up with her, she went off to college, he started driving trucks for Bagby Haulage.

The book delves into the HUAC era of the s when artists were blacklisted for actual or alleged communist connections. See and discover other items: She ultimately completed a Ph.

My main issue with this book is that I feel the author used her postiion as an author to preach to us through a beloved character. The first thing Vic finds partsky a scared teenager—Catherine Bayard, granddaughter of publishing giant Calvin Bayard and his wife Renee, who along with Geraldine and MacKenzie Graham formed the foundation of enlightened but proper society in old-money New Solway—whose journey down the politically progressive path of her grandparents has landed her in big trouble.

She tied the plot to the McCarthy era which was a great comparison to a similar time when America felt threatened and overreacted, tossing out our principles and constitution for a while. She never fails to saea you a blacmlist read – I read some of her earlier works and then she fell off my radar when she was on a hiatus of sorts until I came across some of her books on a clearance table at a local bookstore – I bought one to catch up with her and was not disappointed, I then caught up the rest of the series with her Kindle editions.


View all 5 comments. Some of the other characters are also nice sketches, notably the sixteen year old girl and the ninety-one year old woman whose trust Warshawski has to gain. And she does solve ssra crime.

If I could burn it twice, I would. And it looks like his investigations into a pioneer in the African American art scene during the Red Scare in the U.


High on that list is paretssky with Chicago political bosses. My only criticism is that Paretsky seems a little soft on cops – especially given recent revelations that the Chi Paretsky is one of the few mystery writers whose stories are rooted in the real world – which includes history and racial politics.

Books by Sara Paretsky. Warshawski series sooner rather than later. We enjoy reading Sara Hlacklist books and since our daughter lives in Chicago, we love hearing about this beautiful big city. Warshawski, and Paretsky’s acute observations about social class divisions and Chicago neighborhoods. Apparently, he was investigating s dancer Kylie Ballantine, a victim of Olin Taverner’s witch-hunt.

BLACKLIST: A V.I. Warshawski Novel

Her admirers feast on what came before. This is one of my favorite Sarah Paretsky novels. Sadly her developing lo Book number eleven in this series and still going strong. Confusing and very tedious plot makes pages go slow There are so many connections and seedy things happening, you’re not sure how to begin figuring it out Book Review 4 out of 5 stars to Blacklistthe 11th book in the “V.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. What a shitshow this read was.

Add to this the complex plotting, the well-drawn characters including the protagonist V. Warshawski is shocked by just how many freedoms Americans gave up with the Patriot Act. This well written exquisitely exciting hooks the reader while also providing a warning message that the witch hunts of Salem and McCarthy are not isolated aberrations. Warshawski, there were times when I was surprised by her illegal actions and very legal connections.


This book is a grind which yields very little as you follow the private detective in her attempts to solve the murder of a journalist. I didn’t love it but storyline was good. Hired to look into the matter by the family, VI spends day and night trying to find v Confusing and very tedious plot makes pages go slow Warshawski gets her First Amendment rights stomped while fencing with obstructive witnesses and unreliable clients.

I gets caught in the murder of a reporter when she discovers his body when she falls in to neglected fountain pool on an estate in an exclusive area on the edges of Chicago. It has far more depth than the typical detective novel with a backstory to the plot that starts in the ‘s Red Scare and winds up with America’s hysteria over Muslim terrorists in our midst just a decade ago.

We hope she stays healthy and keeps us entertained when we read about the hard work she is doing. Showing of reviews. One of my all time pet peeves is when the author of a genre book, in this case a mystery novel, continually inserts their political viewpoints.

BLACKLIST by Sara Paretsky | Kirkus Reviews

As well written as it is, just like her last novel, this sees Paretsky trying to inject worthiness where balance and structure are lost. I love the research she puts into her books. And in the present, Warshawski’s lover Morell is on assignment in Afghanistan, while she herself gets caught up in anti-terrorist investigations carried out under the Patriot Act. Chicago private eye V. History and politics, race relations, art and human interaction, crime and corporate corruption, gender and sexuality—these are the usuals in her books rather than spectacles to drape a poorly conceived plot around.