Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment. personality quiz,enneagram,managing personal change,personal development Dr Katherine Benziger takes a completely. Dr Katherine Benziger takes a completely different approach to thinking styles assessment, which in complete contrast to the theoretical and philosophical basis . Benziger’s Thinking Styles Assessment identifies four brain types, each of which comes along with specific strengths and preferences.

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Here at last we have a solid, scientific model for distinguishing the two. With three equally developed modes all vying for control, it is not uncommon for tri-modals to feel confused or terribly at odds with themselves.

For full indepth resources including tests see: Those with a preference for the Thinkjng Left mode tend to be solid employees who are excellent at filling their role within the organization. Each is responsible for different brain functions which imply strengths, behavior and thinking style.

Benziger’s Thinking Styles Assessment

Rather, this individual needs the room to be creative while getting to work regularly thinling others. Balance is essential As with all things, a balanced approach to this is necessary. This study of brain function is a different science, and a more recent one than psychology and psychometrics the study of brain function has for instance been particularly aided by the advent of recent brain scanning technologies assessemnt as PET and MRI.

Non-verbally able, notices body-language. This theory is grounded in an expanded view of traditional definitons of intelligence.

Personality Quiz – Who and How Do You Think You Are?

When we come together, you will discover what your scores mean and learn some additional information about thinking styles. Each of us possesses natural strengths in only one of these specialized areas, which causes us to favor and use a certain style ahead of others.

Gardner’s theory suggests that people possess a set of multiple intelligences, and he identifies seven intelligences. Within Benziger’s model the specialized areas are called ‘modes’. Can appear out of step, whacky, off-the-wall.


When they do in practice they will be using more areas of their brain, and when they do this the competencies outside their natural lead are always somewhat draining, which links to Benziger’s ideas about the dangers of falsification of type. This leads others to see us as extraverted. Good active listening skills, understands how people feel, sensitive, picks up moods and feelings.

Creative problem-solving, design, making change, seeing the big picture, seeing the trends and synthesizing ideas and patterns, discovering, inventing, innovating if extraverted Typical Phrases: Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

I have trouble making my own! Dr Katherine Stylrs For full indepth resources see: Feeling 3 frontal right Internal imaging Metaphor and imagination Expressiveness Sees the essence of things, in pictures and metaphors. It suggests that in addition to our natural strengths and behavioural patterns we develop our own individual method of learning. Here we find a person who is more concerned with emotional connections and finding harmony than staying within the lines and following strict processes.

This seems to be most obvious when the person in question is a double left or a double right thinker. assessmentt


This is of course thinkibg, but nevertheless we can gain helpful insights and perspectives from these personality quizzes and tests. Industrious, productive, reliable, thorough, dependable As Seen By Others: Cautious, conservative, detailed, procedural, sequential Skills: Deeply caring, concerned person if extraverteda deep-feeling person if introverted As Seen By Others: Just with this little bit of information, we can understand some of the behaviors of people around us.

This is a tool that approaches the topic from an entirely different direction, which may be just what you need to gain valuable information. Myers Benzuger Personality Types Why understanding type differences is so important in change management “Whatever the circumstances of your life, the understanding of type can make your perceptions clearer, your judgements sounder and your life close to your heart’s desire.


In his writing, Dr. Additional motivation resources on this site: For this reason, extraverts are commonly found assesxment the volume of stimulation in their environment.

Intuition 4 frontal left Structural analysis Prioritizing and logic Mathematics Converts into logical results or effects. Subscribe To This Site. Benziger’s work, model and assessment systems are instead based on the measurement of brain function and energy consumption in the brain. Sensing 2 basal right Spiritual experience Rhythm and feeling Harmony Picks up emotional tone and the presence or absence of harmony including harmony between people.

Not good with people directly. Thinking Styles Katherine Benziger – Thinking Styles Assessment How our brains ACTUALLY function Dr Katherine Benziger takes a completely different approach to thinking styles assessment, which in complete contrast to the theoretical and philosophical basis of most psycho-metric tests, focuses on the physiological and neurological aspects of how our brains actually function.

Sterling Sterling Insights, Inc. The Three Modes of Art Making. Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment. If a particular job calls for the employees to frequently adapt on-the-fly, it might not be a good fit for someone in the Basal Left category.

Good attention to detail. Bridging, encouraging, harmonizing, nurturing, teaching, welcoming, writing personal notes and letters Typical Phrases: Labels introverts diminishers because in many situations they need and seek to diminish the intensity of stimulation, to suit their naturally hyper-alert arousal level and preclude their needing to shut down due to being overwhelmed.

Our minute online assessment measures how individuals use seven different approaches to thinking: