Bacteriología y micología veterinarias: aspectos esenciales. Front Cover. G. R. Carter. El Manual Moderno, – Respiration – pages. Title, Manual Ilustrado Para Laboratorio de Bacteriologia Y Micologia Veterinaria. Publisher, IICA Biblioteca Venezuela. ISBN, , Procedimientos de laboratorio para bacteriologia y micologia veterinaria. Front Cover. Jorge A. Perez M. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico,

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Veterinaria, Montevideo 48 Autores: LasplacesMontevideo, Uruguay. Proventriculitis and ventriculitis associated with zygomycosis in ostrich chicks.

Meningoencefalitis Necrotizante del perro Pug: Determination of the microbiota present in cloaca and oropharynx of clinically normal ostriches Strutio camellus.

Coenurosis in cattle in Uruguay Autores: The system can’t perform the operation now.

Estudio de la v Plant and mycotoxin poisonings in ruminants diagnosed in Uruguay Autores: The knowledge of the microbiota present in different parts of the organism is important for the understanding of the infectious diseases of ostriches, although limited literature is available on this matter.

Characterization of the ruminal bacterial microbiota of a grazing bovine through classical and cultivation-independent techniques. Studies mcologia incidence of Pasteurella haemolytica infections hacteriologia their relevance to hens, with particular reference to diseases of the egg-laying apparatus.


Primer registro del piojo Heterodoxus spiniger Bacteriolgoia Elsevier Science Publisher, Int J Sys Evol Microbiol. Feeding behavior and ruminal environment of lambs fed only pasture indoors or grazing Autores: Canadian journal of microbiology 56 6, Brasil Ostrich Comercial, Tratamiento generacional de la garrapata.

Laboratorio de Bacteriología y Micología Veterinaria by Verónica Montes de Oca on Prezi

Conidiobolomicosis nasal en una oveja Ovis aries en Uruguay Nasal conidiobolomycosis in a sheep Ovis aries in Uruguay Autores: In samples from cloaca, the following microorganisms were isolated: Characteristics of a haemolytic extract from avian Pasteurella multocida.

Poblaciones multirresistentes de garrapatas Rhipicephalus Boophilus microplus en Uruguay Scientific: Clinical avian medicine and surgery. Expedido por Instituto Nacional del Derecho de Autor. Veterinaria Montevideo 49 Autores: Comparison of different estradiol and progesterone formulations in an estrus synchronization protocol micolgoia lactating Holstein cows in a pasture-based system; hormonal profiles and ovarian response Autor: Drop in milk production, acute respiratory signs and deaths associated with heat stress in dairy cattle in Uruguay Autores: IV Congreso Aupa Nutritional evaluation of soybean meal and expellers present in Uruguay in the dairy cattle feeding Autores: Genetic diversity of Gallibacterium anatis isolates from different chicken flocks.

Genotypes of Leptospira spp. strains isolated from dogs in Buenos A

Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. Efficacy of frozen and refrigerated vaccines against bovine tick fever Autores: Ruta 8 Km Services on Demand Journal. A predominance of Gram negative bacteria in relation to Gram positive ones was observed in the microbiotas of cloaca and oropharynx. Estudio de la c Ruta 3, km ,5. micologiaa


Veterinaria México OA

Stackebrandt E, Goodfellow M, editors. Leucoencefalomalacia en equinos en el litoral oeste de Uruguay Technical: Das amostras de orofaringe, foram isolados E.

Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 56 4, Title Cited by Year Molecular methods for the diagnosis and characterization of Cryptococcus: Hemipelvectomy in cats with pelvic osteosarcoma. Bacteria were identified as G. American Society for Microbiology, How to cite this article. Ozonized sunflower oil oral use as treatment on diarrhea processes in rabbits Autores: Ciprofloxacin shows synergism with classical antifungals against Histoplasma capsulatum var.

Effect of the addition of oil-based injectable progesterone to an estrus synchronization protocol in early weaned beef cows Autores: Successful PRP and fibrin glue application on a clinical case in an equine Autores: Yeast microbiota of raptors: Phenotypic associations between mean fiber diameter and its variability with other fleece characteristics in Corriedale Autores: