Aztaka is a side-scrolling adventure/RPG with a Metroid-like structure and themes of ancient Aztec culture. #1 in Game Reviews, Walkthroughs and Tips. iOS Impulse: Specials include Aztaka, various Gratuitous Space Battles expansion packs, and.

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Jump down this hole taking any gold energy with you. Although you attack and execute magic with your mouse, the meat of the game experience is in nimbly jumping around the bad guys, sticking them with your spear and staying out of the way of their attacks. Read on to waalkthrough more about this issue’s stages Eventually Huitzilo learns to wall-jump as well, allowing him to reach higher areas and upping the ante for platform jumping sections. Go further left, up the steps and you have to kill a bat and what looks like a rat.

Stab it a few times then run for the opposite wall. All found in the Hualahchi Mountains. Destroy them all and get the Gold Energy container. Go right and use whirlwind to kill enemies.

Other than these three, it’s pretty fun. After this comes a long wall jumping shaft. Requires 5 blue orbs. You will find the Pure Shield spell. Instead of that, go through the entrance left of the chasm. Once through the cave go right and down kill the four spiders and the eggs, get the divine energy container from the statue.


Steals & Deals: Aztaka, 4 Elements, Alexandra Fortune, and more! – Gamezebo

Roll through the head at the end. Go in to the first. Go through the cave. Go left kill the eggs and pick up the lunar Naguall. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Once entering the area, take the lower left split and hit the switch. Please consider creating a Casual Gameplay account if you’re a regular visitor here, as it will allow us to create an even better experience for you.

Kill the bird people and centaurs.

When you get to the tree stump use vital energy on the trees, so you can jump up later. Run up the stairs, killing the rats and bats.

These energies tend to be dropped by slain foes and can be stored in different vassals that Huitzilo finds during his adventure. Kill the priest and Jump at the door till walkthgough breaks — pick up the feather of the gods. When she fails that, she conjures an evil warrior.


Steals & Deals: Aztaka, 4 Elements, Alexandra Fortune, and more!

The Atlan Miquih Swamp Go right. Here you have to jump over flaming giant orbs. Kill it and a door unlocks in the area where you came in to first. Continue right and a pathway rises. You will see the Storm spell as you move into the second part of this area.

Run up salkthrough the platform, then drop down and go right.

Make sure this is what you intended. Go and pick up the Luna naguall and return right to the doorway. It activates a wall jumping pillar on the left, get on to the two rocks and jump at it. Go walktheough a little way along, jump up and pick up the potion for intellect.

Go left to map. I’m thinking how that might apply to the ending issue you and Aegeus discussed, for example.