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Gymnasts were ranked with gertturnfn to their sum score of the GCT and from that ranking pairs of gym- nasts were formed with two gymnasts having equal or close to equal scores in the GCT.

Three trials of each step of the progression and the transfer test without guidance were videotaped and rated by three independent national-level judges.

Meaning of “Gerätturnen” in the German dictionary

An experimental analysis of kinesthetic guid- ance in motor learning. At the end of each step in the method- ical progression and prior to performing in the transfer condition, all gymnasts answered two questions Cottyn et al.

Furthermore, we detected significant changes in self-evaluated fear weiblicch injury and self-efficacy with progressing learning steps. In Experiment 1 somersault the gymnasts were asked to perform a somersault after a slight run-up from the balance beam height: Depending on the task, there are direct influences on the movement structure itself or more indirect influences on fear of injury or self-efficacy, and therefore the effects of man- ual guidance are strongly task dependent.

Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 70 3 Human Per- ception and Performance, 31 5 Ihre Suche nach “michael kim” ergab Treffer. Aufgabenuch correlation analysis of the dependent variables in Experiment 1 indi- cated that there was no significant product—moment correlation between any pair of the dependent variables.

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Avi-Datei Film kostenloser Download Dateiformat: This cannot be answered on the basis of our data since we did not manipulate the applied guidance technique ensuring gertturnenn that guidance was always provided at an optimal level. We chose the somersault and the cartwheel for two reasons. According to this hypothesis, the best learning experiences are those that approximate the movement components, including sensory feedback and the environmental conditions of the target skill and context.


Second, guidance should be wriblich grated in such a way that the motor system receives specific feedback which can be useful as a reference value: They were given verbal feedback and manual guidance in the aided modeling group but no manual guidance in the other two groups. Our third wiblich was that self-efficacy would increase after manual guidance. All 52 gymnasts completed the experi- ment and achieved the criterion movement and there were no injuries during the experiment.

A Behavioral Emphasis 4th ed. Skip to main content. Self-efficacy scores decreased in the control group during the experiment and differed between the groups in the second and third step of the methodical progression as well as in the transfer test.

When supporting the gymnast, the coach applied forces on the gymnast that signifi- cantly influenced the mechanics of the movement. Click Here to Email.

Guidance as a practice condition was contrasted with different feedback conditions, such as physical practice without guidance or physical practice with augmented feedback. We also used this test to evaluate if gymnasts from gerttugnen clubs had equivalent skill levels.

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We want to highlight four specific aspects in our design that need to be taken into account in further experiments. However, because both skills differ in task requirements, manual guidance could also show different effects on the aforementioned factors.

Experimental Tasks and Methodical Progressions. This could be due to the selected methodical pro- gression, since the task had to be structured such that the gymnasts could learn the criterion movement with no guidance at all, and there was no greater risk of injury in one or other condition. Enorme Beteiligung — Viele Nachwuchskampfrichter. In each experiment, 26 gymnasts of one club were assigned to one of the experimental groups using a gymnastics coordination test GCT; DTB, Third, the gymnast may generate sufficient linear and angular momentum but does not control the moment of inertia during the flight phase, such that an over- or under-rotated landing occurs and finally the gymnast could misjudge the height of the landing surface, resulting in a landing with stretched legs.

However, we predicted that manual guidance will have no beneficial effect on skill acquisition in gymnastics, acknowledging that if our results show a positive effect of man- ual guidance, this would extend the specificity of learning hypothesis to the acquisition of more complex tasks in gymnastics with manual guidance. Armstrong used a slow elbow movement, and Tsutsui and Imanaka a two dimensional positioning task which can both easily be learned without guidance, whereas we had gymnasts perform a fast, dynamic movement accompanied by a potential risk of injury.


Therefore we started with the first experiment using the somersault as a criterion movement and conducted a conceptual replication of the study in another sample of the same size that was similar in skill level.

Journal of Sports Sciences, 10, The athlete will acquire a novel skill better with manual guidance techniques than without, as long as the following two conditions apply: Second, in both experiments we used different types of movement tasks slow and controlled vs. Kim is the son of Sun Self-efficacy decreased slightly when learning the somersault, but did not differ between groups.

We analyzed the reliability of the GCT in a test—retest design with a temporal delay of one week in a sample of 25 female gymnasts.

Physical assistance devices in complex motor skill learning: Click here to sign up. First, the gymnast may slip off the beam during the run-up or the reactive leap.

Each individual session began with a to min warm-up phase, including physical preparation exercises and lead-up activities.

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They had at least two years of gymnastics experience with regular practice and participation in regional championships. Applications of Measurement to Health and Physical Education 5th ed.

There are some practical consequences and implications of our experi- ments. Journal of Sport Psychology, 7, Experimental Brain Research, The coach implemented manual guidance as support, assistance, or assurance with specific hand movements.