Astragalus gombo is a species of plants with 2 observations. ?id= 1 reference. stated in · GRIN Taxonomy for Plants · retrieved. 16 March A water soluble polysaccharide (WSP) was extracted and purified from Astragalus gombo seeds (Fabaceae) harvested in Septentrional Sahara.

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Astragalus gombo

It appears to increase the production of telomerasean enzyme that mediates the replacement of short bits of DNA known as telomereswhich play a key role in cell replication, including in cancer processes. Astragalus kermanicus Parsa Astragalus kermanschahanenicus Sirj. Jones Astragalus etezadianus Parsa Astragalus euchlorus K. Jones Astragalus tehchingensis K. Gray Astragalus ampullarioides S. Ho Astragalus davidii Franch. Gray Astragalus arizonicus A. Astragalus carminis Barneby Astragalus caroli-henrici I.

Xu Astragalus chilienshanensis Y. High-quality clinical trials studies in people are generally lacking. Gray Astragalus tephrolobus Bunge Astragalus tephrosioides Boiss. Yu Astragalus peterfii Jav. Xu Astragalus filiformis Pall. Astragalus vvedenskyi Popov Astragalus wachschi B.


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Research at the UCLA AIDS Institute focused on the function of cycloastragenol in the aging process of immune cells, and its effects on the cells’ response to viral infections. Simpson Astragalus tupalangi Gontsch. Astragalus pichleri Beck Astragalus pickeringii A.

aastragalus Hello Ferran Beautiful photo with good composition, wonderful soft colours and good sharpness. Astragalus suffalcatus Bunge Astragalus suffruticosus DC. The chemical constituent cycloastragenol also called TAT2 is being studied to help combat HIVas well as infections associated with chronic diseases or aging, [13] the National Institutes of Health states: Astragalus schumilovae Polozhij Astragalus schutensis Gontsch.

Barneby Astragalus shelkovnikovii Grossh.

Astragalus michauxii Kuntze F. Welsh Astragalus henryi Oliv. Parker Astragalus orbicularifolius C.

Astragalus gombo

Watson Astragalus ptulepilosus Sirj. Astragalus khwaja-muhammadensis Podlech Astragalus kialensis G.

Deml Astragalus peltopsis Rech. Reiche Astragalus clarianus Jeps. Gray Astragalus pamirensis sensu Ovcz.

Astragalus gombo Bunge — The Plant List

Fu Astragalus saccatus Boiss. Ho Astragalus welshii Barneby Astragalus wendelboi I. Welsh Astragalus montis-aquilis Grossh. Astragalus galiifolius Podlech Astragalus gambelianus E.


Astragalus inquilinus Maassoumi Astragalus insignis Gontsch. Ho Astragalus tolgorensis Sirj. Astragalus subumbellatus Klotzsch Astragalus subverticillatus Gontsch. Astragalus punctatus Bunge Astragalus puniceus Osterh. Gray Astragalus lentiformis A. Kuntze Astragalus coronilla Bunge Astragalus corrugatus Bertol. Astragalus lambinonii Podlech Astragalus lamondiae I. Xu Astragalus yangii C. Gray Astragalus rigidulus Bunge Astragalus rimarum Bornm.

Astragalus dilutus Bunge Astragalus diminutivus Phil. Muniz Astragalus limnocharis Barneby Astragalus gombk Ulbr. Welsh Astragalus eremiticus E.

Astragalus gardanicaphtharicus Rassulova Astragalus gaubae Bornm. Gray Astragalus wulumuqianus K. Cryptorrhynchus Nevski Ctenophyllum Rydb. Astragakus magnifolius Parsa Astragalus maharluensis Bornm. Welsh Astragalus ishigensis Kom.

Ho Astragalus chinensis L. Gray Astragalus sabulosus M.

Nikitin Astragalus klementzii N.