of Petroleum and Petroleum Products (ASTM Practice. D ). MPMS Chapter Determination of Water in Crude Oil by the Distillation Method (ASTM Test. ASTM D Standard Test Method for WATER IN PETROLEUM PRODUCTS AND BITUMINOUS MATERIALS BY DISTILLATION. ASTM D Standard Test Method for Water in Petroleum Products and Bituminous Materials by Distillation.

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Analyzing Water in Oil

HZWS-2 astm d95 petroleum products karl fischer trace water tester. Gold Plus Supplier The supplier supports Trade Assurance — A free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery. That is, while the iodine in the KF reagent is reacting with water, there is no free iodine present in the titration cell, and a high voltage is required to maintain the set polarization current at the double platinum pin indicator electrode.

KF analysis is a versatile axtm robust analytical tool for water content analysis in oil samples, and can detect water in any of three states commonly found in oils.

However, due to solubility and reactivity issues described above, analysts often drastically reduce sample size, which tends to reduce the reproducibility of test results. Techniques for Successful KF of Oil Samples Direct Titration Sample solubility issues may be overcome by using co-solvents such as chloroform, toluene or xylene to increase the solvent capacity of conventional KF reagents in the titration cell.

Xstm Transaction Level Response Rate.

The gas ring burner shall be of such dimensions that it may be moved up and down the vessel when testing materials that are likely to foam or solidify in the still. With both types of volumetric KF, imidazole is the base used most frequently as a buffer to maintain optimal pH for the reaction.

If the metal still is used, start heating with the ring burner about 76 mm 3 in. The blank shall be determined to the nearest scale division and used to correct the volume atm water in the trap in Section These include corrosion, erosion, etching and hydrogen embrittlement. Sample Size and Reproducibility As with any analytical technique, the sampling error in KF analysis is inversely proportional to the sample size.


For those oil samples which fail to adequately dissolve even when using KF reagents formulated with organic co-solvents, or those that are suspected of containing interfering compounds, an indirect KF analysis using an oil evaporator is recommended, as described below. Strategies for Removing Water from Oil. Recommended Sample Sizes for KF Analysis Sample Size Selection For both direct and indirect KF methods, sample size selection is critical for minimizing errors associated with sample weighing, transfer and aastm.

ASTM D95 Standard

We have 12 months warranty, if it broken during transport, we can change a new one for you. Methods of test for petroleum and its products. Thereafter, each major subdivision that is, 2.

Chemistry and Principles Karl Fischer titration proceeds according to a reaction with a two-step mechanism in which sulfur xstm initially reacts with an alcohol ROH to form an ester intermediate which is neutralized, or buffered, by an appropriate organic base RN.

Ramin’ USA Corporation

Insert a loose cotton plug in the top of the condenser to prevent condensation of atmospheric moisture inside it. The heating element is made of glass fibre which r95 damage to the flask in case of a slight impact between flask and heater. Furthermore, neither visual indication nor the hot plate test can be used atm reliably quantify the water present.

Copyright Stanhope—Seta Limited D95 — 05 the case of Style E; 0. Coulometric KF is considered an absolute method because time and current can both be accurately measured.

Analyzing Water in Oil

Supplier Types Trade Assurance. However, neither of these methods can detect dissolved water or reproducibly detect trace levels of emulsified water.

Once a stable temperature is achieved, the indicator will flash as it applies bursts of power to maintain the temperature. It is estimated that nearlyKF determinations are performed daily around the world. In fact, we are the only supplier who can provide both the main host and accessories in China. Individual reprints single or multiple copies of this standard may be obtained by contacting ASTM at the above address or at phonefaxor service astm.


Additionally, water has been known to cause certain oil additives to precipitate out, as well as to chemically attack some additives. Oils have limited solubility in alcohols, such as methanol, which are typically used in common KF reagent formulations, while they are fully soluble in organic solvents like chloroform, toluene and xylene.

In cases of material with a low-water content when large samples must be used, a solvent-carrier liquid volume in excess of mL may be necessary. Some products have stock, contact us anytime to get more information. NOTE 3—Instead of standardizing on a particular apparatus speci?

In two-component KF, the titrant contains only an alcoholic solution of iodine, while the solvent contains the other ingredients needed for the reaction.

There are astm d95 suppliers, mainly located in Asia. Permission rights to d955 the standard may also be secured from the ASTM website www. Understanding Oil’s Saturation Point.

Current edition approved Asm 1, On assembly, care shall be taken to prevent the joints from freezing or sticking. These include aldehydes, higher phenols, modified mercaptans, ketoacids, polysiloxanes, sulfides and metal oxides. In one-component KF, the titrant usually referred to as a CombiTitrant or a composite contains all the ingredients needed for the KF reaction, namely iodine, sulfur dioxide, base and a suitable alcohol, while the solvent is typically dry methanol.

The assembly of the apparatus is satisfactory only if the trap readings are within the tolerances speci? Distillation methods, such as ASTM D95 and D provide better quantitative data in the range of approximately ppm to 25 adtm, but require large sample sizes and involve long analysis times, typically 60 to minutes.

Product Uses Petroleum moisture tester: In other words, the larger the sample, the less error is introduced into the analysis by sample weighing, transfer and other handling.