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ASTM D[1] – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Designation: D – An American National Standard. Standard. ASTM D_能源/化工_工程科技_专业资料。Designation: D – 04 An American National Standard Standard Test Method for. Buy ASTM D() Standard Test Method for dimer/trimer of chlorotrifluoroethylene (S) Recoverable Oil and Grease and Nonpolar Material by.

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It is desirable to? Collect an additional 1 or 2 d706-04 aliquots for the matrix spike and matrix spike duplicate Section Calculate the calibration factor CFx in each of the?

Ideally, the calibration curve obtained will be linear refer to Section Obtain net values for single-beam and infrared?

ASTM D7066

Your comments are invited either for revision of this standard or for additional standards and should be addressed to ASTM International Headquarters. For single-beam d77066-04 infrared? Similarly, this test method de? Of those measured, certain ones may be adsorbed by silica gel while others may not. Summary of Test Method 4. If the relative precision and average percent recovery are outside of theses limits, the initial demonstration should be repeated.


The same cell or matched cells should be used throughout the calibration. Precision and Bias The spiking c7066-04 may be used as an IRM. For example, collect four individual mL samples over the course of a day. Keep a record of each dilution for determination of the concentration in the sample in Mix equal volumes of concentrated HCl and water 8.

The optimum technique depends upon the sample, but may include stirring,? Rely upon recommendations of the manufacturer for single-beam and infrared? C One laboratory reported a result of for oil and grease, nearly 3 times the mean recovery among the other laboratories, and a value of zero for non-polar material, which are highly suspect results.

D — 04 any sample preservation and pretreatment steps.

ASTM D – standard test method by Infrared Determination

Rewet sodium sulfate with solvent before use. Transfer volumes have been rounded for ease of measurement and calculation. Cap the bottle and shake well. Therefore, samples must be collected as grab samples.

To assure the most accurate concentrations, use the smallest serological pipet or syringe for measurements. A fresh spiking solution should be prepared weekly or bi-weekly.

To more accurately calculate the? Do not allow the sample to over? Freezing the sample may break the bottle.

The matrix and chemistry of the solution should be equivalent to the solution used in the collaborative study. This test method contains procedures that can assist the analyst in breaking such emulsions.


Rinse the tip of the separatory funnel, Na2SO4,?

Under these circumstances, one of the following remedies must be employed: If the concentration of non-polar material exceeds the calibration range, dilute the extract to bring the concentration within the calibration range. If linearity cannot be achieved past a certain concentration, consider that concentration the upper bounds of the calibration and adjust the calibration standards accordingly.

Spike an aliquot of the sample with a known 6 Where: Scan as in Quality Control QC In order to be certain that analytical values r7066-04 using this test method are valid and accurate within the con? Calculate the percent recovery of the LCS using the following equation: However, all data must be obtained consistently by one means or the other, not a combination of the two.

If the concentration of oil and grease exceeds the calibration range, dilute extract to bring sample within calibration range.