CHAPTER 3 Lee and Marlene Canter’s Assertive Discipline. – About Lee and Marlene Canter. Lee Canter. Lee Canter is founder of Canter & Associates. Assertive Discipline: Positive Behavior Management for Today’s Classroom ( Building Relationships with Difficult Students) [Lee Canter] on Lee Canter’s Assertive Discipline: Teacher’s Plan Book Plus #2 (Lee Canter’s Assertive Discipline Workbooks) [Lee Canter] on *FREE* shipping .

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This is a disguised way of repeating your rules so that all students know what to do This procedure appears to be a restatement of Jacob Kounin’s “ripple effect” strategy. Now that you have given a direction, you can reinforce the student for compliance or punish him or her for noncompliance.

Even this recommendation might be inappropriate at some times though He feels a hand on his shoulder and looks up to see the teacher give him discipljne smile and a wink.

Assertive discipline

Berj rips up his worksheet and throws it on the floor, mumbling, “I’m not doing this crap. For example, to gain the support dscipline administration, write your rules, positive consequences, and a list of penalties. Do you believe that all behavior is a conscious choice on the part of youngsters?

If the dsicipline does not do what is asked from her, then the teacher repeats assertive command three times which is called broken record, then follow with consequences. I want you to stop talking, turn around and face front, and pay attention to the lecture.

Use an assertive, confident voice. Do you “catch the students being good” e. Make use of proximity control; moving toward misbehaving students indicated moreso for younger kids. These consequences should escalate when a student breaks the rules more than once in the same lesson. Also write the message mentioned in step 6. For more on making rules, see the home page link on “How to create your own behavior management system” or the video podcast on this topic 3.


Remember to use eye assertuve and the student’s name.

You are the most inconsiderate kids I have ever had the misfortune of teaching. Identify the following teacher response as being that of an assertive teachera hostile teacher, or a non-assertive teacher sometimes you will see a combination of two types: Now turn around and shut up if you know what is good for you.

Say your response out loud. For more on making and implementing consequences, see the home page link on “How to create your own behavior management system” 4. This is commonly reported by him, has been evaluated out by the school nurse, and is believed to be a ploy he uses to avoid class work.

Assertive discipline – Wikipedia

The Cantors believe that you, as the teacher, have the right to determine what is best for your students, and to expect compliance. Review periodically throughout the year especially soon after implementation of the program in order to reiterate important points and consolidate the program.

The Cantors, rightfully so, attributed this finding to a lack of training in the area of behavior management. Now relive that experience and act assertively in it.

Assertive Discipline | Child Discipline in the Classroom

Are there any legitimate excuses for misbehavior e. If the command is not followed, you might issue a choice to the student.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dismiss the thought that there is any acceptable reason for misbehavior Biologically based misbehavior may be an exception. They are demanding, yet warm in interaction; supportive of the youngsters; and respectful in tone and mannerisms when addressing misbehavior.

Assertive teachers clearly and firmly communicate personal wants and needs to students and are prepared to enforce their words with appropriate actions. But except in unusual circumstances the slate starts anew the next day. Give five different nonverbal signals e. While looking down or away from your partner, say, “Sit down. Have your partner approach your desk and ask if his or her paper is “OK”.


Consider this example of the procedure: Practice giving positive reinforcement and consequences in different ways by engaging in the tasks below with a partner. Might the word “Reminder” be a better choice? This instruction involves more than just giving commands.

Part of this approach is developing a clear classroom discipline plan that consists of rules which students must follow canrer all times, positive recognition that students will bt for following the rules, and consequences that result when students choose not to follow the rules.

List the names of a few students whose behavior has been difficult for you to manage. Invite pre adolescents into the hallway to “talk” to avoid embarrassment in front of peers and the negative behavior that will most likely result if you engage in public chastisement. Do you respond to misconduct in a non hostile, assertive manner? He fails to let the students clearly know what he wants and what he will not accept.

If it receives a positive review, say “Thank you”, and mention that the step that follows the last one on your list is a visit to “the office”. Assumptions of this approach include: Do not be sidetracked by the student’s excuses. Teachers should use the exact words, same tone, same volume each time the request is delivered. Even if a student is having a bad day, there is a reason to improve A hostile teacher address students in an abusive way.

A marble might be dropped into a jar for each predetermined interval that the class as a whole has been attentive and respectful. It’s been five minutes since I asked you to clean up.

If this group doesn’t want to listen, its your problem, not mine.